How to get more Sleep with a Newborn Baby

If you are wondering why you ever had a child in the first place, you are one of billions of new parents of many psycho babies in this small world of ours.  You are probably wondering by now how this planet has gotten so over populated.  Why do we put ourselves through this hell called parenthood? 

After your mind clears of the laughter from the truth that I just described, I think you know what the answer is to the last rhetorical question that I dared to utter through my fingers onto a public forum. 

The answer is simple.  The reason we bother to mother or father children is the knowledge that we are loved by these beings no matter what, unconditionally.  Everyone wants to be loved and therefore are willing to give their love.  People are very selfish by nature and this never changes.  You just work with it. 

Your beloved child is screaming his/her head into a twirl upon its neck like the demon girl on The Exorcist.  Why?  He/she may be hungry.  Oh, you just fed him/her?  Did you check his/her diaper?  Babies hate having poop on their butts!  Okay, he/she is clean.  Have you talked to your baby lately?  He/she may be feeling lonely.  So, you just got done reading him/her one of the many board books that you got at your baby shower?  Your baby may be among the many newborns that have the “colic”.  No one knows the exact cause behind this excessive screaming and crying but you can get through it if you have a few tricks up your sleeve. 

Make sure your baby’s sleeping environment is dark and quiet, or as quiet as you can get it.  You may have older children and/or dogs  or cats running around, but just do your best.  No TV, radio, or games on-line!  The less electronics running during this time, the better chance you have to get your child and then yourself to sleep.

Does your baby have his/her own room or area that you can put him/her to take naps and sleep at night?  If not, clean out that “nursery” and build that crib that you’ve had in the box for the last two months. 

When your baby finally goes to sleep, drop everything and go lay down!  This may be the only time during the whole day that you will get any sleep!

If precious one wakes up after thirty minutes of restless snoozing, don’t jump up quite yet.  He/she may have had a crazy dream that they just aren’t used to yet and may very well go back to sleep if you give him/her a chance.  No newborn will sleep for only thirty or so minutes by choice.  It’s just not in their make up!  It’s okay to let your baby cry.  If he/she doesn’t stop after about ten minutes, get him/her up and check to see if he/she is hungry or has a dirty butt.  Some babies are more tolerant of these discomforts that others.  It’s just a matter of living with your new baby long enough to know his/her quirks and how he/she deals with certain things. 

Don’t drink too much coffee (one cup is enough in the morning), and if you must have pop, make it non-caffeinated.  You don’t want to stay up against your will, now do you?

If your baby is inconsolable, check to see if his/her diaper is too tight.  It really could be as simple as this!

If none of these things work, take your baby, yourself, or both to your family physician as soon as you can. Something may or may not be fixable by your physician, but it is always good to make your doctor aware of your baby’s excessive crying and lack of sleep and if the problem is your lack of sleep, your doctor may put you on a light sleep med.  Only take sleep medication under the instruction of your family physician or you could put yourself and your baby in preventable danger.  

Don’t fret too much about your lack of sleep.  It will certainly get better.