How to Gather Ideas for a Positive new Path without Children

All parents will eventually have to face the fact that their lives will change when their children grow up and leave the nest. It is an important milestone because for a parent, it means that their job of raising their children is done, although their children will always remain their children. For a child, it means that they are mature enough to be independent. Now that life will no longer revolve around taking care of the kids, getting them to their activities and other obligations and being their cheering squad, parents have to carve out a new existence for themselves, one that no longer includes children.

Finding ideas that will help them start their life on a positive new path without the children may seem daunting to some. Here are some ideas that may help you be able to move forward more easily.

*Things you’ve always wanted to do –

Think about things you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t been able to  because of the kids. Maybe you’ve wanted to travel, or perhaps that travel wish has been to go on a cruise. There’s no reason why you can’t do that now, and rekindle the romance in your marriage in the process. Go to some exotic tropical destination or to a romantic European city, if that suits your fancy.

*Things that interest you –

What are some of your interests? Are there things you’ve wanted to do but refrained from doing because of the kids or because of the cost? Now that the kids are gone, you will have some additional money that you can use for such things. Perhaps you’ve wanted to learn a foreign language, take a sewing class, learn tennis or golf. All of these things are possible if you’re willing to take advantage of your new found freedom.

*Pursue hobbies –

Many people have hobbies that they love or that interest them, but they’ve had to put these things on the back burner because they were busy raising kids, and the extra income to be able to do those things wasn’t available. Hobbies might include golf, tennis, sewing, knitting, cooking, painting, woodworking, gardening, bird watching or anything else you enjoy.

*Take classes or go back to school –

Maybe you’ve wanted to pursue a degree, or an advanced degree, but caring for your children and preparing them for life on their own has made that impossible, both financially and otherwise. Now is the perfect time to give yourself permission to do that. You can even take a few classes on things that are of interest to you.

*Maintain your young feeling –

While the kids were at home, you had to chase around after them, get involved in their activities and be their chauffeur. Now that the kids are gone, all of that will stop. You don’t want to become inactive, so in order to maintain that youthful feeling in both body and mind, you’ll need to do something to take care of yourself.

Consider joining a gym, getting involved in some exercise classes, bicycling, running, hiking, walking or whatever. You may want to take up yoga for relaxation and for pure enjoyment. Without the need to worry about the kids, you are free to get involved in anything you want.

*Maintain an active social life –

It is important for parents whose children have left the nest to continue to have an  active social life. This will prevent the feelings of loneliness and isolation that they may feel. An active social life also allows people to enjoy life with people who are experiencing the same thing while getting together to participate in activities, have meals together or do other things together. Friendships with people besides your spouse is important. It’s fine to rely on your spouse, but you don’t want to become so reliant that you are dependent because that can put a serious strain on your relationship.

It is possible to have a full and active life and to be able to enjoy everything that life has to offer after the children are gone. Adjusting to this new life will not be easy, and for some people, it will be incredibly difficult. Although the sadness you feel is normal and natural, it’s important to be able to step back and see that you are not losing your children. They are simply going on to a different phase of their lives, and that is just what you are doing. Although you may be going on these paths separately, the bond between parents and children is an unbreakable one, and even though your children will always be your children, they are grown up now, and are moving on to live the grown up life for which you prepared them.