How to Find the best Baby Crib Mobiles

A baby crib mobile can entertain your baby while in the crib. You will find many different types of crib mobiles, and the best one for you may be different than the best one for someone else. The following tips can help you find a great crib mobile for your baby.

Consider one with batteries

Many crib mobiles do not have batteries. You wind them up and they go for a few minutes. Although they may seem charming, you may get tired of winding them up again and again. They also will not be great if you want to be able to leave the baby in the crib with something to entertain him or her. Other crib mobiles with batteries will go for far longer.

Look for special features

There are many great crib mobiles that have fun or convenient features. For instance, some of them have a remote control that allows you to turn them on without walking into the room. This can be very convenient when the baby may take one look at you and start crying.

Some mobiles are more expansive than others. They may be very brightly colored or have different images of animals. Some of them such as the Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile even project images onto the ceiling.

Look for reviews and recommendations

You want to find out about the experiences that others had with crib mobiles. You can look on a website such as and read the ratings and reviews. Of course you may want to put more weight on the ones that others liked. You can also ask other parents that you know if they had any that they particularly liked. You can go to bulletin boards on websites that focus on babies such as

Find the crib mobile that is right for you

Once you have an idea of some of the features that you want in a crib mobile, you need to look for them. Many stores offer crib mobiles. You will find the best selection online at a website such as or as well as in baby stores such as Babies R Us. Look through them and carefully consider the pros and cons of each.

A great crib mobile can keep your baby entertained for hours. Of course make sure that any crib mobile you purchase will fit your crib. Most are made to fit “most cribs” but not necessarily every single one. Once you have the right product, you can entertain your baby for hours.