How to Find Parenting Resources in your Town or Community

Most communities have a wide variety of parenting resources, which can help you learn about issues facing your child and connect with other parents. You cannot take advantage of these resources if you do not know about them, however. The following tips can help you locate such valuable tools.

Ask other parents you know

The web of parental knowledge is vast. Parent finds out about the resources, and then they tell the people that they know and they tell the people they know and so forth. Ask all of the parents you know to find out about anything in the community that may be of use.

Ask the hospital/pediatrician

Your search for parental resources can begin with your child’s birth. The hospital will often have a list of parenting resources within the community and private organizations. They may also know of different places where you can find these resources. At the pediatrician’s office, they may have a billboard or other area where organizations will advertise.

Join a parenting organization

When you join a parenting organization such as Mom’s Club, you join a vast network of information. Many parents’ groups have an e-mail list. This will make it easy for you to inquire about something in particular. Many of them have newsletters where they list resources. They may also have different speakers at meetings, which can provide useful information.

Call the city/government

Many parenting resources are through the city, county, state, and other government entities. You may be able to contact them to find out about what is available in your area. Most of these now have websites, so you may be able to find information on the web, or you can call them.

Look at newspapers/magazines

There are many newspapers and magazines of local, regional and national origin, which contain information about parenting resources. They also make guidebooks with phone numbers of different parenting resources in many areas.

Do an Internet search

The Internet contains a wealth of information about parenting resources. Many of the organizations that provide services to parents have their own websites. You can do a Google search with keywords specific to your needs.

Ask your child’s school

If your child is in school, then they can be a great source of information for parenting resources.

You want to take advantage of all of the parenting resources available to you. The above tips can help you find the best tools for you.