How to Find out why your Baby is Crying

The reason babies cry is for the same reason that adults talkthey want to communicate their needs and emotions with us. It can sometimes be difficult for parents to find out what their child is trying to tell them. As you learn your babies personal cries and what they sound like, you’ll start to have abetter understanding of what your baby wants or needs.

Cry #1: I’m hungry
If your infant’s crying starts out slowly and builds up to a loud rhythmic cry, or if it has been two or more hours since the last feeding, odds are he or she is hungry. Other signs of hunger include rooting, sucking on hands, or showing interest in oral stimulation. If your baby seems hungry, offer a feeding to him or her, don’t worry about over-feeding your baby.

Cry #2: I have gas
If your baby is very cranky or irritable, it could be gas. Gas can be very common in infants, affecting more than 3 out of 4 newborns. Try burping your baby often, during, and after each feeding. Mylicon and other gas relief drops can also help with your child’s comfort. If gas is very troublesome, consider talking to your pediatrician.

Cry #3: I’m Uncomfortable
If your infant has whiny, or even nasally cries can mean that you’re baby is too warm, too cold, wants a change of position, or a diaper change. Try switching positions often.

Cry #4: I’m tired
Very similar to the uncomfortable cry, it can be very whiny and irritable. Try motions like rocking or rubbing your infants back, this can sometimes help to lull them asleep.

Cry #5: I’m lonely or bored
Believe it or not, infants can be bored too. If your baby feels he or she needs some personal attention, they will let you know. It can often be soft “complaining” cries building up to a scream. Don’t hesitate to respond, it is impossible to spoil your baby now.

Cry #6: I’m cranky
Some babies are just fussy. It can be at a certain time of day or night when they’re tired, or just when they’re unhappy. This sounds like irritable crying with no rhyme or rhythm, that varies in duration and occurs randomly.

Cry #7: I’m in pain
A cry that starts suddenly with a shrill scream needs immediate attention. It can also be followed by a silence and short gasps. When you hear this type of cry inspect your child from top to bottom. If you suspect something is wrong, immediately call your pediatrician.

Cry #8: I just need to cry
Babies sometime just want to cry. They like to release their energy, especially at the end of the day. They also sometimes just want to vent out their frustrations.

Colicky babies however will cry for over three hours on end. The reason for it is unknown. It sounds like a very loud, high-pitched, painful cry or scream. It can be very difficult on the newborn as well as the parents. If you suspect that your son or daughter has colic, then call your pediatrician.