How to Find me Time as a Parent

For some parents, the idea of “me time” can seem like an ancient myth.  Something that you can dream of, but not something that’s actually tangible.  Though it can feel like time just for you is impossible when you’re shuttling kids around and keeping up the house, all it takes is a little extra planning and care to give you the personal time you deserve.  Here are a few ways to find me time as a parent.

1. Scheduled Play-dates

If your children are younger, meet up with a friend, or better, group of friends who have children around the same age as yours.  If you don’t already know some parents, you can probably meet some through your child’s preschool or daycare classmates. 

By working together to create a rotating schedule of playdates, you can have some guaranteed alone time once every week for a few hours in the afternoon.  Yes, this means that some weeks you will have to take your turn as being the host parent, but those hours of alone time will be worth it.  Plus, you might just find that you form some new friendships along the way.

2. Visits to Grandma and Grandpa

You should never take advantage of your mom and/or dad when it comes to child care.  After all, they’ve raised their children already, they don’t need to raise yours.  However, that doesn’t mean that Grandma and Grandpa won’t be more than happy to take the kids for a sleepover every once in awhile.  By scheduling that time – say, once every other week or once a month (depending on Grandma/Grandpa’s preference) you not only have built in me time, but you ensure that your kids will have the chance for a strong relationship with their grandparents.

3. School Mornings

Often stay-at-home parents want to start their productive day as soon as the kids are at school.  But this time of day, when they’re all out of the house, offers prime personal time opportunities.  If you keep your “me time” here scheduled to a half hour to an hour (enough time to get in a nice bike ride or maybe read a few chapters of your book), you should still be able to get everything done you need to.  You’ll probably be more productive after taking some time out for yourself.

The bottom line is that if you want me time as a parent, you will need to find it.  You may have to make it yourself, but with a little creativity and help from friends or partners, that is very doable indeed.