How to Find Coupons for Diapers and other Baby Products

Babies cost a lot of money and when you add the prices of everything that a baby needs, it begins to add up. One of the ways to help cut down on expenses is to use coupons for diapers and other baby products. If coupons are coupled with sale prices, the more money you can save. I find coupons in several ways:

1. Sunday newspaper-On Sundays I look through the coupons in the paper and cut out all of the ones that pertain to diapers, lotions, baby wash, and any other baby product that I see. I look through the advertisements such as Target and Kmart to see what store has baby items on sale. One store that I never thought about having baby items is Walgreens. They have good sales. I determine which is the best store to go to based on the amount of the coupon and the sale price of the item. I go to whatever store is cheapest.

2. Internet-I register online with some of the places that have baby diapers such as This lets me receive coupons through email and also through regular mail.

3. Friends and family-I have my friends and family cut out coupons and save them for me. It has gotten to the point where I get phone calls asking me if I saw the diapers on sale at whatever store.

4. Other moms at work-At work moms decided to get together and have a swap meet with coupons. The idea is to cut out coupons for the brands you do not buy and bring them to work to swap with other moms for brands you do buy. This has been a great idea.

5. Big Lots-Big Lots is a great place to buy diapers and other baby products. They do have coupons, but the prices are so low that it is like you have a coupon.

6. Sam’s Club-This store has select baby items and diapers in bulk. The amount you spend in this store is a great savings compared to other stores. You do not have to go to the store as much when you buy in bulk. The trick is to buy the product when you see it because the store does not always have the same selection.

With these ways to find coupons for diapers and other baby products, I save money and hopefully you can too. Stay on the look out for coupons.