How to Find Coupons for Diapers and other Baby Products

So, you are brand new to this new, confusing world which we call parenting? Not to fear, there are many people out there who have kids, who have been thorough what you are going through, and many people who have survived. The first thing you find out during new parenthood, is that baby things get expensive. You think you have an extra $100 to last until your next paycheck and then, out of the blue, you run out of formula, diapers, and wipes all at the same time, and your child suddenly outgrows every article of clothing they own. You sit back, sigh, and wonder how in the world you are supposed to afford all these demands on your income. Here is where I come in. is your friend. You will learn to cherish this site. Every item on this site is no-strings-attached, absolutely and completely free. Join this site, and receive clothes, toys, and much more for your child, for free. The idea is to keep perfectly good item items that people might normally throw away out of the landfill. Hence the name Freecycle, as in recycling items to another needy user. The way this site works, is if you are in need of an item, you are more than welcome to post a “wanted” advertisement in hopes to received the item. Also, if someone is already offering an item that you could use, you send them an email explaining why you can use it more than someone else, and if the person desires, they can choose to pass the item to you. Some cities, depending on size, have restrictions on when you can post “wanted” advertisements. Also, in some cities, you may have to drive 1/2 hour or more to pick up an item that someone is offering. But, you can get all the items for free, which counteracts the driving factor, in my opinion.

When your child is born, sign yourself up for every baby related site on the Internet. Baby center, Pampers, Enfamil, Good Start, Coolsavings, Huggies, Fisher Price, etc. Every baby name you can think of, sign yourself up on their website to receive coupons and samples beyond the amount you will ever be able to use. Stores are also good places to sign up for child coupons, as WalMart and Target also send out coupons occasionally. The best feeling is when you receive what is called a formula “check” for a formula that you happen to use, and then you also happen to have a coupon for that same brand. “Buy one, get one free” coupons are especially great to use in conjunction with these formula checks. Because the check is used as a check at the checkout, and coupons are used for what they are, you could ideally get 2 cans of formula for a reduced price of one. One time my husband and I spent $4 on two large cans of Enfamil. What a deal!

Throw out every idea you have of buying name brand diapers. Diapers are used for a small time frame and then thrown away. Store brand diapers are usually comparable to name brands. The best store brands that I have seen are those made from Albertson’s, Kroger, and WalMart. If you live in or near New Jersey, you can also purchase a large box of “miscut” diapers for around $20 at the diaper factory. Miscut means that the tabs don’t line up perfectly or the top of the diaper isn’t straight cut. Out of a box of diapers, you may end up throwing some away, for some ARE unusable, but for the most part, you can use most of them, and for $20, you can’t beat that, especially when finances are quite low.

Don’t forget one last money saving place, yard sales. Garage sales and yard sales are the perfect place to find great deals. Most of the clothes, blankets, toys, bottles, and other items sold at these yard sales were rarely, if ever, used, and are sold for mere pocket change. For toys, I would suggest buying stuffed animals or hard toys that can be run through the laundry or dishwasher, for disinfectant reasons. For clothes, you can find practically brand new, name brand clothing for hardly any money at all. I just sold Old Navy, Osh Kosh, and Baby Gap clothes this weekend for fifty cents per item. The people who bought those clothes, found an awesome deal, and you can too, just by stopping by. Look on line at the local newspaper, that way you don’t even have to buy a newspaper, and search out yard sales by multiple families that are selling child’s things. You can probably map out a route of 5-6 houses this way, and it’s almost guaranteed you will find a deal somewhere along the way. Especially when it comes to clothing, buying in bigger sizes now pays of a lot in the future. For a newborn child, I suggest looking for clothes up to at least 12 months. Your child will go through those clothes so fast, you will be left wondering how you ever thought you had a lot of clothes once upon a time.

Take it from a seasoned mom who knows, when it comes to kids, finding deals and using coupons to get better deals, really is the way to go.