How to Find a Quality Babysitter

Choosing a quality babysitter requires some serious thought and research. Leaving your child with a sitter may seem like a simple decision. However, when you consider that you’re actually entrusting a stranger with the life of your child, it takes some serious thought and intelligent steps to do it right and with utmost safety.

Finding a dependable, quality babysitter should include the following considerations:

1. Inquire among your neighbors about available babysitters.  It’s beneficial if you know families with teenagers who live close to you. When you’re familiar with their reliability, you can assume their teenagers will be trustworthy. If you decide on a recommended neighborhood teenager to be your babysitter, chances are you already know about her qualifications.

2.If you have neighbors with small children and infants, ask them to recommend those teenagers they’ve hired and are satisfied with the results. Conversely, because of a negative experience, listen to neighbors who may be critical of and warn you about teenagers you’re considering.   

3. Look for a reliable babysitter who lives nearby. When the babysitter is within walking or biking distance from your house, it may save time. In that way, you’re not often responsible for picking her up to begin the job, and then taking her home again after the babysitting session ends.

3. Check out potential quality babysitters with school and local law enforcement officials. When considering teenagers to come into your home, find out if there have been any disciplinary problems at school or in the community.

4. Ask for recommendations from clergy at local churches and synagogues. Teenagers who are active in religious organizations tend to be the most reliable.

5. Give short tryouts to recommended teenagers or those who contact you on their own about babysitting. Tell them at the beginning that you’re willing to have them sit once, and if you’re satisfied, you’ll call them for more sessions.

6. Consider a professional babysitting agency. If babysitting needs require more than just a few evening hours, and if both parents work, it may be best to work with an agency. Their employees are pre-screened and bonded, often older women who’ve raised their own families.

You could get more reliable service from seasoned adults, especially those who’ve had their own families, than from inexperienced teenagers. Additionally, working parents who pay for professional babysitting services may deduct their costs as business expenses.

There are many ways to find quality babysitters. Parents need to make sure they research it carefully, because they’re entrusting them with the family’s most precious possessions.