How to find a children’s photographer that’s right for your family

When it comes to taking pictures of your family, not all photographers can offer the same level of expertise. If you have children, you should consider hiring a photographer who understands children can be shy, temperamental, and fidgety during a photography session. To find a children’s photographer, keep the following tips in mind.

Ask your friends for recommendations

If there’s one thing parents love to do, it’s give advice to other parents. To find a children’s photographer, ask your friends and relatives in the area for recommendations. Use social media sites, like Facebook, to field your request. Ask your friends why they are recommending a particular photographer, and what makes that photographer special. You should also ask what they wish the photographer could do differently; for instance, perhaps the photographer was running late on the day of the session.

Use professional organizations to find a children’s photographer

Looking for a children’s photographer via your favorite search engine can be daunting; luckily, a list of children’s photographers in your area is as close as a mouse click away.You can peruse professional photography organizations’ websites to get a list of children’s photographers in your area. National Association of Professional Child Photographers lists members’ websites by state or province, and includes a brief description of each photographer’s style. Professional Photographers of America has a searchable membership directory; just type in your location and select “Portraits” for a list of photographers in your area that specialize in family pictures.

Find a children’s photographer through a local college

Many colleges, universities and community colleges have a photography department or photography club. Contact the head of the photography department or the club’s faculty advisor for a recommendation and contact information for students and faculty interested in taking family portraits.

Head to a retail store for recommendations

The next time you visit your favorite independent baby clothing store, toy store, or kids’ clothing store, ask the store staff for recommendations for a photographer. It is likely they know children’s photographers in the area due to networking events within the industry.

Interview a potential photographer

So you’ve found a potential photographer who has glowing recommendations from your friends. Your job isn’t quite over, as you should have a quick interview with the photographer. Ask the photographer about their experience working with children. You should also ask what they do in a situation where a child decides to be shy or refuses to smile to get a feel for how the photographer works during a photography session. If the photographer has a website, take a look at his or her portfolio to get an idea of the photography style. Finally, you should also ask if the photographer has a policy for rescheduling a photo shoot. The interview will help you determine if the children’s photographer is a good match for your family.

Before you start looking online or asking friends for recommendations, you should decide the kind of style you want from a children’s photographer. Do you want black-and-white pictures or pictures taken in a studio or in your home? Perhaps you have a big backyard and want pictures taken outdoors for a different look. The type of style you want will determine if a photographer is the right fit for you.