How to Expand the Life of Nursery Furniture

You want your nursery furniture to last as long as possible. If you plan and buy carefully, you don’t have to get rid of the furniture as soon as your baby outgrows his or her crib. Consider the following strategies to make your nursery furniture last longer.

Buy convertible furniture

Some furniture makers purposely make nursery furniture with features to give it a longer life. For instance, some cribs will turn into toddler beds so that your child can use it for an extra year or two. Others will additionally turn into the headboard of an adult size bed so that the person can literally use the same piece of furniture from the time of birth through childhood and adulthood.

Other pieces of furniture are similar. For instance, some diaper changing chests with drawers will become regular chests of drawers. You may need to turn them over. Other pieces may have panels that can be switched. For instance, they make armories with panels that contain favorite characters such as those from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. These switch around to a plain panel.

Buy furniture you can transform

Even if the furniture is not made to transform, you can transform it yourself. For example, if you have a chest of drawers that has a character on it, then you can paint over it with plain paint. You can also consider re-purposing furniture. A diaper changing table can hold craft supplies, for instance. You can take the fabric from a baby’s bedding set and sew it into something else, such as a curtain.

Protect your furniture

Of course you want the furniture to last a long time. You can protect the furniture with different chemicals. For instance, use Scotchguard on the fabric. You can also use slipcovers and other items. Of course make sure all chemicals are safe for babies.

Maintain your furniture

You should also take steps to maintain your furniture. In a nursery, furniture can get dirty or stained. If you leave it, then it may get permanently ruined. You do not want to have to get rid of furniture prematurely because it gets ruined. Clean the furniture as it gets dirty.

Think about the life of every piece of furniture before you buy it. When there are so many choices of furniture that will last a long time, then consider those instead of furniture that will definitely be done after your baby is outside of infancy. You may want to wait to buy a full furniture set until your baby is older and you can get a nice kids’ set that will last far longer.