How to Entertain a Child during a Hurricane

Preparing for a hurricane is something many Americans in vulnerable areas do as an accepted way of life. Keeping a stock of non-perishable food, water, battery operated items, and other provisions is essential if mother nature strikes. What about the kids? Hurricanes,even ones that are not severe, keep you indoors and sometimes without power. Preparing for how to entertain the kids is something you need to do when you are putting together your emergency kit.

Remember that at some point during a hurricane,you will probably lose your electricity. Until that happens, children can be entertained with dvds. Make sure you have some family-friendly movies on hand. Having healthy, non-perishable snacks is also a necessity. Boxes of raisins,fruit snacks, and individual pudding snacks that do not need refrigeration are great to have packed away as a treat.

Another option is coloring books and crayons. Hide away some special coloring books along with new crayons. Simple card games or board games to pass the time are also fun to have. Distracting the kids from the storm is easier when you have choices for them. For the older child who has a hand-held video game system,make sure you have the right size batteries on hand. Some systems require an electric charger, and some are battery powered. Know what you have, and plan ahead. Although parents would prefer their children not spending hours playing video games,a hurricane is not a normal circumstance. Loosening up on rules to keep your child occupied is acceptable.

Once you lose your lighting, entertaining your child will become more of a challenge. Having a flashlight with backup batteries for each child will help to make them feel secure. An older child can read by the light of a flashlight. Turning the situation around to make it fun by creating a “camping” atmosphere will help to relieve the stress the child might be feeling.The parent can read to the child at this time also which can occupy a younger child.

Battery operated cd players with your child’s favorite music, especially sing-along songs,can be a great way to pass the time. It will also cut back on the noise from the storm which can scare children.

If you need to evacuate to a shelter, or leave your home during a hurricane,make sure to have a special bag packed for your child. Include things like their special blanket or security toy. Being prepared for a hurricane is more than just having enough provisions set aside for your family. Take into account how they are going to entertain themselves, and plan ahead. Having a bag of inexpensive toys that they have never seen before will be like opening a treasure chest. You can find items reasonably at a dollar store, or even on clearance in your local Wal-mart. Hiding these things away until you need them can be your secret weapon in entertaining your child when a hurricane hits.