How to Encourage your Baby to Sleep through the Night

Are you tired of waking up three or four times in the night to put your baby back to sleep? There are many parents in a similar predicament. You can try various styles of encouraging your baby to sleep through the night. Here are some time tested proven techniques that you can easily apply to both infants and toddlers of all ages.

Before you try these techniques you should remember that you might not see results straightaway. Every baby is different so some will go to sleep quicker than others. By being consistent in your routine you can eventually get your child to sleep and be able to enjoy an uninterrupted night of rest once again.

Night and day:

You should start by trying to teach your baby the difference between night and day. Babies have very little understanding of the differences between night and day. They can only learn this if you teach them. One way in which you can do this is by having more activities with your baby during the day and very little during the night.

During the day make sure you allow plenty of light in the room. The room should also be filled with lots of noise.  Throughout the night you should reduce light and noise so it’s easier for your baby to relax. When your baby has a nap during daytime do not make the room dark or too quiet so they don’t get confused and learn to distinguish daytime naps from nighttime sleep.

Bedtime routine:

Start the nighttime routine with a relaxing bath for your baby. There are many baby products designed to relax your baby with a light lavender scent that can help. Read a story or give a cuddle so that you can indicate to your baby that now is sleep time.

The more relaxing you make the bedtime routine the easier it will be for your baby to drift off to sleep. Giving them small clues as to what you expect them to do will help your baby understand what you want.


When your baby sees a cot they should understand that this means sleep. Whenever your baby is tired you should rest them in their own cot just before they are asleep. This will help them to understand that when they are in their cot it means it’s time for them to go to sleep.

If your baby wakes up during a daytime nap you should not leave your baby in the cot too long. Do not take too many toys apart from something that helps them sleep. This will help them to emphasize the idea that cot equals sleep.

Settle them:

You should avoid rocking or feeding you baby to encourage them to sleep. This step can be difficult to follow as many parents mistakenly think that this will help their baby go to sleep faster. If you stop rocking, feeding or holding your baby they will start to cry and this will continue throughout the night.

Your baby should be ready for bed but not fully asleep. You can stay in the room with them till they are asleep but try not to interfere too much. When they do begin to settle themselves in future you may find that you can leave the room even when they are awake.


The main reason why babies cry is because during the day they are surrounded by adults and during the night they are all alone. While you should try and encourage them to settle by themselves it does not mean that you should ignore this issue. Try putting a favorite toy in their cot so they find some comfort and security.

You can even hug the toy when you are wearing your favorite perfume so that your scent stays on the toy. This can comfort your baby through the night and they think that you are close to them.

Waking up:

When your baby makes up during the night you should not go running to help them settle. Often your baby will wake up and then go back to sleep without your assistance. If your baby wakes give them a few minutes so they go back to sleep by themselves.

Avoid picking your baby up:

When your baby is awakens during the night do not pick them up. What you should instead is to hold their hand and gently sing or talk to them. Do this up until they go back to sleep. Try not to repeat this every night otherwise they will get into a habit. As each night goes by spend less and less time by their cot and don’t go as soon as they wake up.

While these steps will help you they might not work straight away. You may face nights where your child just will not go to sleep no matter how hard you try. Stick to the routine you have selected and you will find that your perseverance will pay off in the end. Good luck!