How to encourage good behavior from your children

Raising children is a demanding task, with many obligations and responsibilities. All parents want the best for their children to ensure that they thrive and develop healthily. It is important to promote good behavior in children to help them become well-rounded individuals. All children go through different behavior phases during the learning process, as this is part of growing up and learning about the world. Promoting good behavior is important at all times to instill good habits in your child.

Ways to promote good behavior in your child:

Lead the way

Children learn by example and follow in the footsteps of their parents. Showing how to behave accordingly and setting the standard allows your child to understand what good behavior is. Always set a good example by modeling good behavior at all times. Ensure you show the behavior that you want your child to follow. Using good manners and being kind to others is a good way to promote good behavior. Have a positive outlook and be a good role model for your child.

Give attention for the positives

To promote good behavior in your child focus on the positives and praise good behavior. By acknowledging good behavior and giving praise, your child can learn what makes you happy. Children aim to please their parents and they particularly like being praised. Focusing your attention on the good behavior allows your child to understand how to get positive attention. Children need positive reinforcement and acknowledgement to continue and keep up the good behavior. Giving praise boosts your child’s self-esteem and promotes a good feeling.

Keep it balanced

For behavior that is unwanted it is important to let your child know that it’s not acceptable. Be matter-of-fact about it, and give limited attention. A concise, firm comment is enough to allow your child to realize that this behavior is unwanted. Your child will learn that bad behavior isn’t rewarded with attention. Children need to have balance, however, ensure to give more praise than negative remarks. Be selective over which behavior needs to be corrected and what can slide, as too much focus on negative behavior can actually have the opposite effect.

Make your child feel special

Children crave attention, and want to feel involved in family life. It is essential to take time each day to listen to your child without doing other tasks. Children need to feel important to have self-worth and confidence. If your child is happy it will reflect in the behavior displayed. One-on-one time is essential for your child’s happiness and well-being, as well as involving your child with everyday tasks. Always give your child the opportunity to help out and offer clear and positive instructions. Always show appreciation and be thankful to your child, as this bodes well in encouraging good behavior.

Encouraging good behavior and giving praise and acknowledgement allows your child to learn how to behave accordingly. Enforcing positive strategies and limiting negative remarks can help your child to have a positive attitude. Being a positive influence and focusing on the positives promotes good behavior. It is also important to set consequences for bad behavior to allow your child to learn, however, limit the amount of negative attention. Giving your child the right balance can help develop and promote good behavior.