How to Encourage Children to Enjoy Autumn

Summer is over, temperatures are dropping, and autumn is making her first appearance. The leaves are changing, and beautiful fall colors are everywhere. You love this time of year, and you would like for your own children to also appreciate the magic of autumn. The following are ways to get them to enjoy the season.

* Nature Walks

Take the children on a nature walk. This is one of the best ways to let children see the beauty of fall.  You can show them the different colors of autumn leaves and other forest vegetation.  You can also point out some of the different plants that grow during the fall of the year like Golden Rod, Lemon Queen Sunflowers, and Chrysanthemums.

* Hay Rides

Hay rides are another great part of the fall season. You and your children will love riding in an open wagon or truck with friends. Although hayrides are usually done at night, you can do them during the day. 

* Bonfires

Fall offers several different opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors before the weather gets too cool.  Supervised bonfires are another fun way to get together with the neighbors or just your children and other family members.  You can roast marshmallows, cook hotdogs, and tell tall-tales.

* Fall Festivals

Autumn is a great time for festivals.  Fall festivals are similar to carnivals and are just as fun. They can be small or large, and the options for entertainment at the festivals are limitless.  You can have pumpkin carving, apple bobbing contests, and sack races.

* Hunting

If you have young boys or even girls, autumn is a good time to go hunting.  Deer and turkey are animals that are hunted during the fall. Hunting is a way to get the kids outdoors, and it will create time for bonding with your children. Just be sure that you and your children following hunting safety rules.

* Halloween Parties

One of the most popular holidays of the fall season is Halloween.  Halloween gives children an excuse to dress up as their favorite characters, and go from door to door asking for candy and other treats. It is also one of the best times to host a party. Halloween parties let children enjoy the holiday without having to deal with all the risks associated with it.  You can have a small one at your house or you and some other parents can host the Halloween party together. 

* Harvest Teas

A Harvest Tea is a tea party where the participants each bring a dish that is one of the designated fall colors like brown, gold, white, or red.  There are several different tables that are each decorated with one particular color.  The different dishes are each set on a table according to their color. You and you children can invite friends over, set up three or more different tables, and have a Harvest Tea Party at your house or in your backyard.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Nature is alive with vivid reds, oranges, golds, and browns. The suggestions listed above are fun, creative ways to get your children to enjoy autumns many colors, cool weather, and great holidays.