How to ease into weight loss after having a baby

After expanding to proportions beyond belief, new moms are eager to lose that post-baby bump. Naturally, some work is going to be needed to get back to your normal size and figure, as well as become toned up again. You do need the okay from your doctor before making any dramatic changes to your lifestyle by incorporating exercise or dietary changes. The body needs time to recover after such a demanding experience. Once you get the okay from the doctor, you can start making changes to lose the post-baby bump.

Here are some tips on how to lose the post-baby bump:


After eating sensibly for the last 9 months, you may feel the need to over indulge on favorite foods. There’s no harm in enjoying some of your favorite foods that may have been forbidden or restricted during pregnancy. However, it is vital to continue following a nutritional, well-balanced diet. The weight isn’t going to instantly drop off, and any extreme diets can be dangerous. It is better all-round to maintain a good healthy diet. Naturally portion sizes and snacks are going to be reduced. With healthy eating habits, no actual diet as such is needed.


Before starting any exercise regime, you need to get the okay from your doctor. The doctor may ask about the exercise you plan on practicing, and it is wise to discuss this. Your body may not be ready for the planned exercise you have in mind. The body is still healing and recovering from giving birth, so it is important to start slow and progress from there. Overdoing-it isn’t going to do you any favors. Ease the body into a gentle exercise plan and only do what you can. In time, you will soon be enjoying a good workout. However, you may find time is limited with the new addition requiring much of your attention.

Daily living

In reality, your new lifestyle adapting to family life is already going to be keeping you busy. With new responsibilities and a new baby to care for you will find that you have enough to keep you active during the day. Lifting and rocking baby along with taking baby out for a stroll is a good way to already get that gentle workout each day. Walking baby is good for your mood and is also great for exercise while getting out. The extra duties you will be taking on are going to increase your activity levels, which is going to get you back in shape.

There is no need to go to extremes to lose the post-baby bump. In reality, you will not have the time or energy to be doing a full workout. Providing you get 30 minutes of exercise a day which can include walking or even housework, you are on your way to losing the post-baby bump. Once your body has healed and recovered and you are in a comfortable routine you can look at adding exercise into daily life. Avoid making drastic dietary changes, as it isn’t beneficial. Instead, opt to maintain a healthy diet and reduce portion sizes. Being a mom is a wonderful experience and all of the extra demands will keep you on your toes.