How to Earn the Girl Scout Daisy Red Petal Patch

Your Daisy Girl Scout will earn a Daisy center and ten Daisy petals to iron on to the front of her uniform.  Each petal represents a different part of the Girl Scout Law.  Your Daisies must complete an activity or project that demonstrates an understanding of that part of the law to earn the corresponding petal.  The red petal represents the part of the Girl Scout Law that states that they are “Courageous and Strong.”  Here are a few suggested activities for how your Daisies could earn this petal.

Talk in Front of the Group

Getting up and talking in front of a group can take a lot of courage.  Your Daisy can demonstrate her courage by talking about anything in front of the troop and any family members attending.  You can use this time for her to talk about a project that the troop did or anything else appropriate. 

Another option is to put on a fashion show or perform a small play where everyone in the troop has a part.  It takes a lot of courage to perform in front of a watchful audience.


This petal is a great excuse to add a little exercise to the troop meetings.  Especially if the Girl Scout meetings are right after school, it would be good to have time to stretch or do a little exercise at the beginning of each of the meetings as it will earn the red petal and will help the girls to burn off some extra energy.

Stories of Strong Women

You may choose to read to your Daisy troop about strong women of the past.  This can be anyone from Juliette Gordon Low to Harriet Tubman.  It would be good to not only talk about why these women are strong, but the Daisies should also share stories about any strong women that they know.

Trip without Parents

If your Daisies are not used to going on any trips without their parents, this can be a way to earn their petal as it can be a fearful experience the first few times.  Your Girl Scouts can show their strength and courage by going on a small trip without any parents.  This can be as simple as taking the girls for some ice cream, but it will prove their strength in conquering their fears.

These are just a few of the ways that your troop of Daisy Girl Scouts can earn their red petal.