How to Earn the Girl Scout Daisy Green Petal Patch

Your Daisies will earn a Daisy center and ten Daisy petals while completing many great projects and participating in numerous fun activities.  Each Daisy petal stands for a different part of the Girl Scout Law.  To earn each patch, the Daisies must do an activity or project that is related to the corresponding part of the Girl Scout Law.  The green petal stands for the part of the Girl Scout Law that says they will “Use Resources Wisely.”  Here are a few suggested activities for how your troop may earn this patch.

Decorate Tote Bags

One project that your Daisies may complete is to decorate tote bags that can be used to carry home groceries and other items.  They should think about how much paper and plastic they will save by using their new decorated tote bags.

Recycled Craft

Your Daisies will have a lot of fun with this project.  They will simply each bring in random items that would have normally been recycled in their home like clean yogurt cups, paper towel tubes, clean milk jugs, etc.  The girls will then put all of their supplies together and then use these items to make any sort of craft project with only these materials, glue, tape, and crayons or markers.


Another way to earn this petal is to recycle.  This can be anything from making sure that everyone in her home is recycling to seeing if they can help with recycling at their school.

Earth Day Events

There are usually events around Earth Day that are related to using resources wisely.  Your troop may earn this petal by participating in this type of event.

Visit/Tour a Recycling Center

A recycling center can be an amazing place to visit.  Some of them offer tours for groups that you just need to schedule in advance.  Be advised that these places will have machines that are very loud and your Daisies may be required to wear ear plugs for safety reasons. 

Sorting Recyclables

Different counties and cities have different items that they recycle and that they are unable to recycle.  You also sometimes need to sort your recycled materials.  In this activity, your Daisies can play a game where they are given a pile of things and they need to sort them into appropriate piles like newspaper or mixed paper, plastics/metals, and also items that can’t be recycled.  Your troop can be split into two teams and the team that correctly sorts their pile first wins.

These are just a few of the ways that your Daisy troop may earn their green petal.