How to Earn the Daisy Girl Scout Spring Green Petal Patch

One of the goals of Daisy Girl Scouts is to learn the Girl Scout Promise and Law.  Daisies will earn a daisy center and daisy petal patches as they learn these important things about Girl Scouts.  The Daisy center stands for the Girl Scout Promise, while each of the petals represents a different part of the Girl Scout Law.  The spring green petal stands for the part of the law that states a Girl Scout should be “Considerate and Caring.”  Your Daisies may do many different projects and activities to show an understanding of this part of the law.

One activity that your Daisies could do to earn this petal is to have a secret gift exchange.  To do this, an adult will put all of the girls’ names into a hat or container.  Each of the girls will pick one of the names, but will not tell who she picked.  Your Daisies will then make or purchase a very inexpensive gift for their secret partner.  They should then either mail or drop this gift off at the house of their partner without being seen.  The girls can then reveal who they gave a gift to at the next meeting.

Another activity that your troop could do would be to visit a nursing home or retirement community.  Some of these places will have reading time or craft time that your Daisies can participate in.  A variation of this would be to make cards or small crafts and then give them to the residents of a nursing home or retirement community.

Your Daisies could also earn their spring green petal by donating cookies during the Girl Scout cookie sale.  The Daisies would need to first select a certain group of people like firefighters, soldiers, police officers, etc.  The girls will then decorate a big box with the word “Donation” on it and the name of the group that the donations will go to.  When they are selling cookies, they should tell people that they can donate cookies to the group chosen by the troop.  After cookie sales are over, any donated boxes should be brought to the group with a note from the troop.

Little things like helping an elderly neighbor garden, reading to someone who has trouble seeing, or even just holding the door open for someone shows consideration for others.  Your Daisies could draw a picture of themselves helping another person and then everyone can share their pictures with the troop during circle time.  After discussing what it means to be considerate and caring, the girls can leave the meeting with an assignment to do something that is considerate or caring to another person before the next meeting.  Everyone can discuss what nice thing they did at the following meeting.

These are just a few of the activities and projects that your troop of Daisy Girl Scouts could do to earn their spring green petal.