How to Earn the Daisy Girl Scout Rose Petal Patch

Your Daisy Girl Scout will earn a daisy center and ten daisy petals while learning about the Girl Scout Promise and Law.  Each of the ten petals represents a different line of the law.  The rose colored daisy petal stands for the part of the law that states that Girl Scouts should “Make the World a Better Place.”  There are many different activities and projects that your Daisy may complete to earn this patch.

One great activity that your troop of Daisies could complete is to do a service project for a public place like a school, library, or senior center.  They should ask if the facility needs any work done outside whether it is cleaning up or planting a new garden.  This activity will be fun, make the world more beautiful, and is a project that helps others.

Another activity that your Daisies may choose to complete is to plant sunflower or daisy seeds in a pot.  They should take care of it and then plant the seedling in their own garden or give it as a gift to plant in someone else’s garden. 

A great activity for these young Girl Scouts would be to talk about recycling.  The girls can even visit a recycling center, if possible.  Each of the Daisies should make sure that they are recycling at home.

Around Earth Day is a great time of year to earn this petal as activities and events related to this holiday are often geared towards making the world a better place.  They can participate in any appropriate events like a community clean-up or even planting new trees or plants.  Arbor Day may also have tree planting events for your Daisies to participate in.

Your Daisies will love this project as they will get to make their very own bird feeders.  Bird feeders will attract many beautiful different birds.  A simple bird feeder can be made from covering a pine cone with peanut butter, sunflower seed butter, or other butter of a similar consistency.  This coated pine cone can then be rolled in bird seeds and then hung outside.  There are many other ways that your troop may choose to make their bird houses.  Using recycled or natural materials is a great idea.

Your Daisies will feel really good about the work that they have done while earning their rose colored daisy petal.