How to Discilpline your Teen

Disciplining a teenager can be a tiresome process, particularly if it does not seem to be having any effect. If you are constantly punishing them and they are still behaving badly, then you need to change the way that you approach the situation. Discipline should be effective should make your teen want to behave in a more appropriate manner.

When it comes to disciplining a teenager, the key to success is consistency, they need to know that their bad behaviours is never acceptable and each time they behave badly they should be disciplined, you can’t let behaviour slide one day and punish them for it the next. If you do this, then they will think their behaviour is okay and they will keep doing it.

You need to discipline them before you have had enough of their behaviour, if you wait until you get to the point where you have had enough, this will mean that your teen has been allowed to get away with it for a significant period of time. This could make them more likely to do it again because they know that they have a window of opportunity. You need to discipline them as soon as it is necessary, do not wait until you lose your temper because being punished or disciplined in anger will not be as effective, you need to be able to think clearly in order to discipline them properly.

If you are disciplining a teenager then you need to make your punishment relevant, denying them something that they do not care about or have no interest in will not be a fitting punishment. Take away something that they care about such as their computer or their phone, this may seem harsh, but it is a highly effective way of making them realise that their actions have consequences.

When you are disciplining your teen, try not to judge them, if they feel like they are being judged they may retreat into themselves and the lines of communication will be closed. Punish them for what they have done, not for who they are or why they did it.

Never call your teenager stupid, you may think that what they did is stupid, but this doesn’t make them stupid. Let them know that you know they are a smarter and better person than they think, knowing that you have faith in their intelligence will be a very positive thing.

A teenager needs to be disciplined and whilst you may feel like the bad guy because you had to be firm, it will be worth it in the end because your teen will learn the importance of listening to you and you can enjoy better communication with your teen.