How to Decide on a name when Parents don’t Agree

One of the first things an expectant parent considers is what name to give the new bundle of joy. But, what happens when parents don’t  agree? The last thing you want is to give your child a name either of you dislikes. There are several strategies to consider that help in making a final decision.

Browse through names together

Get a book on baby names or go online. There are numerous websites dedicated to baby names such as and . Sit down together and discuss the names you like as you come across them. You may find a name you both like right away, or you may have to browse together through several different books or sites.

Make a list

If you have been browsing through names together and still can’t agree, then it’s time to make a list. By yourself,  browse through the names and write down every name you like. Don’t worry about making a large list, because names will be filtered out. Have your partner do the same thing, then sit down together and compare lists.

As you go over both lists together, try to strike out names you know neither of you will ever agree on. Highlight the names on which you do agree. Even if it’s a name you’re not crazy in love with, it’s still a good idea to add keep it for now. Keep in mind, there is still a middle name to consider.


A successful relationship is all about mutual compromise. Now that it’s time to pick a baby name, don’t let compromise fly out the window. It may be important to you or your partner to give your baby a specific type of name, such as a family name or a religious name. If neither of you can agree on one of these names, try to consider it as a middle name.

The middle name is an excellent tool for compromise. Most people never use their middle name. Other times a person may choose to be called by their middle name. If you are trying to honor your parents or grandparents by using a family name, they will appreciate a middle name just as much as a first name.

Rinse and repeat

Don’t be discouraged if you go through all these steps and still can’t agree on a name. You may have to go through these steps several times, and it may take a while to come to an agreement. Also, don’t forget to be prepared for either a boy or a girl. Knowing the gender of your child is not 100% accurate. 

Keep in mind, you are not the only parents who have had difficulty choosing a baby name on which you both agree. It is important to give your baby a name you both like. Going through these strategies will help parents come to a decision when they don’t agree.