How to deal with a rough toddler

Toddlers can be some of the most irritating, troublesome little creatures; and yet, they turn around, give you that coy smile and they melt your heart instantly. It is tough to deal with toddlers that are naughty when they are so cute, but it is up to the parent to draw that line between fun and discipline. There are a few things that can be done in order to have fun, and hold a line at the same time. It is even harder still when the toddler is rough to deal with and pushes you beyond your limits. She can scream louder than a fire whistle, and he can run the 100 meter dash in 6 seconds flat (or so it seems.)

Be sure that you know in your mind your limits and boundaries. Set them for the toddler, and stick to them. Repetitive behavior on your part will ensure that your rough toddler knows your boundaries. Perseverance is the key. Rough toddlers usually are head-strong and take longer to learn their lessons. Even if you feel like giving in on the one thousandth time around the “old oak tree,” hold fast. Usually when you are reaching the end of your rope, your toddler is too and you need to hold that line. Immediately spanking and yelling and scolding can cause a rough toddler to be sully and unresponsive.

Remember your toddler is learning in this great, big new world. They do not understand boundaries yet. You have to be repetitive. If there is out right defiance and un-expectable behavior you need to be the judge of the best way to discipline your child. You know your child’s emotions, physical makeup and soul. Be the judge of what is a good first step in discipline and then proceed to a tougher punishment if there is out right defiance and a tantrum.

Rough toddlers usually need a quick discipline at the moment of defiance, and then time to sit in a quiet space and think of the limit they pushed. If your child is throwing a tantrum and there is un-controllable screaming and fighting, it is very likely they need a time out. Time out should be a place where there in not access to a lot of different toys for distraction, it needs to be a place where there is time to sit still, and think. Remember your toddler is learning from you about how to handle pressure situations, self-control and communication.

If you are firm, yet calm your toddler will learn in time that this is the way you properly communicate with others. Communication and routine are keys to helping a rough toddler learn boundaries and become a child that listens and enjoys life in a safe and fun way. You need to keep yourself on a schedule and be sure with rough toddlers that there is that face-to-face communication and eye contact. Eye contact helps you to communicate clearly and direct to your toddler. This shows respect, importance and holds a line in communicating with your toddler.

There is no need to have a “stare-down” with your toddler, but you need to be the one in control and keep your toddler’s attention so that you know that they know the boundary of what you are asking or moving onto in the routine next. Routine will help your child appreciate those times in there day where there is snack, bath time, story time, etc. The routine will help you to keep a rough toddler on a schedule so that if there is something that is causing irritation of defiance there is at least a new activity coming along to help encourage them after discipline was applied. Positive reinforcement helps to create an environment where your child learns boundaries in a loving way from you, the parent.

The simple, plain fact of the matter is you are dealing with a young life that is uniquely woven together and that means there is no set manual to how they operate. However, if you are a clear communicator, listener, disciplinarian and loving example, your rough toddler will see how to adjust to this crazy rat race we call life.