How to Create a Newborn Baby Gift Basket

Making a baby gift basket is a creative way to welcome a newborn. It is a special gift that can be personalized for the baby or one that can be a hodgepodge of different items. Many different things can be added that will be useful to a new mother, and some items can be used as the baby grows.

The basket can be simple or elaborate, and can be made in a certain theme or a mixture of gifts that can be used for a boy or girl. Search dollar stores, department stores and baby stores for a variety of different and unique items. Below are some ideas that will help you to create the perfect newborn baby gift basket.

Choose a basket of any size, shape and color, and use filler in the bottom such as colored tissue, leftover Easter basket grass or crinkle-cut shredded paper. Another idea is to use disposable newborn diapers as the base for the basket.

Fill baby bottles with jellybeans, chocolate kisses or mints and tie ribbons around them for decorations. Roll baby washcloths and towels and tie with ribbons to stand up around the sides. Gather a few diapers and tie ribbons around them. These will make the basket look decorative and colorful.

Add items such as baby powder, baby lotion, baby oil, baby wash and shampoo. Other items to include are swabs, Vaseline, baby clippers, baby scissors and a baby hairbrush and comb.

For clothing, add one-piece sleepers, t-shirts and baby socks. Newborn outfits can also be added, and baby-sized clothes hangers are another item that not many people think of giving, but can be used in a gift basket.

Baby toys, balls, rattles, pacifiers, bottlebrushes, crib sheets and pillowcases are all useful and decorative items for a newborn baby gift basket. Stand these items up, and tuck smaller items in-between, continuing to layer them until the basket looks full.

On the top of the basket, add stuffed animals, cloth or soft books or bright yellow rubber ducks for bath time. Small picture frames, baby books, photo books or a CD of lullabies or baby songs are perfect items to use on top for decorations.

There are several different ways to wrap the basket. Clear cellophane paper is one way. Use a piece that is big enough to gather at the top, and tie ribbons around it. There is also basket gift-wrap that can be purchased that requires the use of a blow dryer to “shrink” it tight around the basket.

Another way to wrap the basket is to use netting, or tulle. Gather at the top the same as you would cellophane, and tie with curling ribbon. Wrapping a baby blanket around the basket and securing it with diaper pins is also a different and unique way to wrap and decorate a newborn baby gift basket.

For a gift tag, make a card and write a few words of advice for the new mom, or make a free babysitting coupon. Frame the baby shower invitation in a small frame and attach to the outside, and glue small plastic babies to the handle as if they were crawling on top of the basket. Attach baby rattles, teething rings or a musical toy.

Creating a newborn baby gift basket is a fun gift to make, and it is an eye catcher. It can also be used for a centerpiece. There are so many items that can be included that are useful and decorative. For an extra special touch, include a corsage or box of chocolates for the mother, after all, she deserves a special gift as well.