How to Cope with a Crying Baby

When you baby cries it can make you feel lots of emotions from concern to frustration. At times you may feel at a loss as you cannot find a reason for your baby’s cries and this can make you feel helpless and tired. Coping with a crying baby will of course depend upon the situation you are in and whether or not the baby is of course yours.

Some tips on how to cope with a crying baby.

Offer help

If you are with a friend and it is their baby that is crying then sit back and let the parent cope with it. Try to ignore the cries and let it go over your head and enjoy your time despite it. If the parent seems to be struggling and not finding a solution then offer to help. it is always a good idea to not offer help right away as this could look like interfering. The help you offer could simply be taking over the rocking or taking them on a walk.

Find out the cause

Whether it is your baby or someone else’s baby it is important to try to find out the cause of the baby’s cries. It may be obvious- perhaps they need a nappy change or they are due a feed but sometimes babies seem to cry for what looks like no reason. Some babies suffer from colic and this may be hard to determine. It is important to establish the cause if you possibly can so then you know how to soothe the baby.

Remain calm

During a crying episode try to remain calm. It can be difficult to not feel frustrated and end up snapping at your partner or another adult who is present but remember that by doing so you are not achieving anything. Use your energy instead of remaining calm and keeping your baby safe. Perhaps you need to put your baby in their cot where they are safe whilst you take yourself to another room to have a few moments to yourself. This is fine, you may worry that you’ve left your baby but sometimes you need to take a few moments out. 

Ask for someone to help

Ask for a friend or family member to help you. This may mean simply allowing you to have half an hour to yourself or a few hours where they are with you as a support. Being a parent is hard work and it is perfectly fine to ask for help and you will find that there will be people who are more than willing to provide it.

Look after yourself

It is important to look after yourself. When you have a new baby you may struggle to find the time to look after yourself but it is important that you do so so that you are in the best shape possible for caring for your baby. When you do get time to yourself make sure you use it to pamper yourself and not to rush around doing errands, this will help you to feel more fresh and on top of things to be able to then care for your baby in a more positive manner.

A crying baby is hard work to handle and may make you feel very distressed but it is important to remain calm and establish what the cause of the cry is, to ask for help if you need it and to remember to take care of yourself too.