How to Control your Child in a Supermarket Environment

The supermarket is an environment that many parents avoid while with their children. It seems as if the supermarket is one place that children act up in every way possible. As a parent tries to gather ingredients needed for dinner recipes, lunches for work and school and many other items needed for a home, a child does everything he or she can to distract the parent.

Many parents try to shop at the supermarket quickly while a child is in school or run in for just a few items several times a week to avoid long trips with a child. These quick trips often result in not having everything needed or forgetting to purchase main ingredients for meals. Keeping a child under control while in a supermarket is very important for a parent have a successful trip, picking up everything that is needed at one time.

The first way to get control of your child is to get to get him or her to stop asking over and over again for everything in the store. Explain before going into the store what kind of behavior you will be expecting while in the supermarket. If you allow the child to get one item, then only allow one item. Decide what it should be, either a toy, something healthy, etc. Tell the child asking many times throughout the store will result in not getting anything at all. Explain there will be consequences to behaviors that are not acceptable. The consequence of getting nothing may control the continual asking.

Touching everything they lay their eyes on is another problem children have in a supermarket. Many times, children get bored in a supermarket and need something to do. It may be very helpful to take a small toy into the store to keep him or her occupied. If you had rather not bring anything into the store, let the child choose one grocery item you are buying to hold until checkout.

Many parents may not feel comfortable disciplining their child in a public place, but this is one place where proper discipline is very much needed. If you have a child that is too big to sit in a cart, keep him or her very close to you at all times. If unruliness becomes a problem, stop your shopping right away and take care of the situation. If necessary take the child to the car until the behavior has changed.