How to Console a Child who is Sad that School is over for the Summer

Contrary to popular belief, not all children are ecstatic that school is over.  Instead you may find yourself faced with the prospect of comforting a child who is sad over the ending of school.  The following are some methods to console such a child.

Discuss the fun things that will be coming up in the summer

Many people have exciting things planned for the summer.  Perhaps you are going on vacation.  Perhaps he or she is going to camp.  Even if they are just staying home, they may now have time for fun things such as day trips, swimming and other things they might not do during the school year.  You can ask them what they would like to do and see if you can promise them some fun activities that might make them feel better.  It may even be as simple as the fact that they have no homework and can sleep as long as they want.

See if you can remedy some of the things they are sad about

You might be able to fix some of these things. For instance, many times the children are sad over the prospect of not seeing their friends during the summer vacation.  If this is at the crux of their sadness, then you can promise play dates so that they may still see their friends.  This in itself might be the best consolation out there.  Make sure to listen to all of their concerns because sometimes they are sad about something that is just a misunderstanding (such as if they are worried they are going to get sent to a camp they don’t like when you are not planning on sending them to camp).

Talk about the good things about the change

In most cases your child has successfully moved from one grade to the next, which a lot of students might feel proud about.  You can bring that up.  If they have graduated from elementary or middle school, then you can talk about that as well (as long as that is not their sore spot).  You can talk about how life changes and how that is okay.  You can talk about all the fun they have had with past summers. 

Talk about how school will start soon

The summer vacation is only a few months long and for many it just seems to fly by.  Your child will soon be back at school.  You can discuss this with you child, and give him or her something to look forward to. 

It can be difficult when a child is sad about school ending, but there are ways to console him or her. Try the above techniques when in this situation.