How to Clip your Babys Fingernails

Shortly after a baby is born into the world, a mother often notices their fingernails becoming long and sharp. While the idea of clipping them may seem frightening to a new parent, it must be done to prevent the baby from scratching themselves or others. Before you begin make sure you have a pair of baby finger nail clippers , a baby, and plenty of time so that you are not in a hurry.

If you have a heavy sleeper, try to clip their nails while they are sleeping. Doing this will generally prevent them from moving unexpectedly which could result in injury. The easiest way to do this is to have them sit on your lap facing away from you while you rock or sing them to sleep. Once they are asleep be sure to adjust them if necessary to free both hands. Next, gently raise one finger with your non-dominant hand and clip that finger nail. Be sure to slide your own finger across the baby’s afterwards to ensure there are no rough edges. Continue this until all ten nails are short and smooth. An alternative to the sleeping method would be to lean over them while they sleep in their own crib or bassinet.

If your child wakes at every sound or movement, you will probably not have much success clipping their nails during nap time. Instead, attempt to find another time when your baby is fairly still. One suggestion is clipping their nails while they nurse. To do this, use a breastfeeding pillow such as a Boppy – Bare Naked Nursing Pillow so that both of your hands are free. After the baby is successfully latched onto your breast and nursing comfortably, begin clipping the nails on whichever of their hands is closest to you. After those nails are clipped and smooth, switch them onto the other breast and do the same with their opposite hand.

While many mothers find both of the above techniques usable, some are still terrified that they will harm their baby whilst clipping their fingernails. If you are one of these moms, don’t get overwhelmed! There are still options for you as well. For example, you may try to file your baby’s nails instead of clipping them. You can buy normal emery boards for babies at nearly any store that sells baby supplies. Another option would be an electric nail file such as the Zo-li Buzz B. Baby Nail Trimmer from Amazon.

While many new moms fear caring for their baby’s fingernails and toe nails, it is a skill that can be quickly mastered with time and practice. Remember, even if you do accidentally clip a small piece of skin, it will quickly grow back and your little one will love you just the same.