How to Childproof your Home for Toddlers

A home that is not childproofed can hold many hidden dangers for toddlers. Parents might not even think of some of the hazards that can cause a great deal of harm to a little one. The following hidden hazards should be addressed in every home to protect your child.

Turn down the water heater

Your water heater may be set far hotter than you need it to be. Most people do not need heat at the maximum temperature; however, if your toddler goes into the shower and turns on the heat by itself, he could get burned. There have been cases where children were burned seriously within a few seconds. WebMD suggests making it no more than 120 degrees F. Adjust your water heater down so that it can’t pose a danger to your little one.


You may know to hide obvious chemicals like bug spray, however there are many other household items that can poison a child. Ordinary household cleaners are often very dangerous to toddlers. Make sure to keep those locked up. It is not enough to have something up high. Remember that toddlers enjoy climbing; they may easily climb to a high up cabinet and get to something dangerous.

Sharp objects

You may know to lock up your knives, but there are far more dangers than that. Think about all of your kitchen utensils. For instance, a carrot peeler or chopper can pose a great risk to your toddler. Put away your razors.


You may have your medications locked away, but keep your vitamins out. Some vitamins are not even in child safe packaging. Vitamins may look like candy to kids, but they can be very poisonous. A very common cause of emergency room visits involves children overdosing on iron pills. Especially be careful with their own vitamins, which may be very delicious.


Pieces of furniture that appear extremely strong may be in danger of toppling if a toddler decides to hang on to them. Consider all pieces of furniture such as chests of drawers. Also consider items like standing clocks and televisions. You do not want anything that can be pulled on top. Secure items with brackets. Make sure that they can withstand any pulling, pushing or climbing that may occur.


There are many dangers in the kitchen. A child can crawl on top of a stove and turn on the knobs. They sell covers that prevent kids from inadvertently turning on the stove. Lock your oven if possible. You can also buy a shield to stop your toddler from reaching up to the stove. Use a refrigerator lock if you are worried about your child getting in.

You want your home to be a safe haven for your toddler. In addition to all of the hidden dangers, make sure to take care of the obvious problems such as safeguarding electrical outlets and placing fences around pools. Of course, no amount of childproofing can make up for proper supervision, so make sure to always watch your child. It takes but a second for a life-threatening situation to occur. Every home has its own dangers, so look around to see what might be a problem in your house. The more you do, the safer your child will be.