How to Chase the Rainy Day Blues away Activities for Kids

Rainy days/weekends do not have to be a bummer for the family. With some creativity, the whole family can have a great time. It is so easy for kids to feel bored when they cannot go outside. There are several things you can do to help chase away those rainy day blues and keep the kids entertained.

*Movies. An old standby, watching movies can help keep the kids entertained and let them forget about the wet, dreary weather outside. Pop some popcorn, grab the fruit juice and settle in front of the television for some family friendly fun. 

*Board/Card Games. There are so many board games available at reasonable prices, stock up on a few and create family fun night. Board games are also a great fun for those rainy days when the kids are bored. Have snacks or even order pizza and gather around the table and enjoy some quality time together.

*Cooking/Baking. This can be lots of fun for children of all ages. Most kids like sweet treats such as cookies and cupcakes. Get the family together in the kitchen and assign everyone a task to help make whatever treat is chosen. The same idea can be used to make dinner. 

*Story Time. If you have very young children, let them pick out a favorite story and read it to them. Let them see the pictures and discuss the story with you. If the children are older, let them pick out a favorite story and read it to the family. Another variation is to sit around and tell each other stories. This can be fun on a stormy day: turn off the lights and light candles or have flashlights and sit on the floor in a circle and take turns building on a spooky story. If there are small children, try and make sure the story ends on a silly, happy note. The object is not to give them nightmares. 

*Arts/Crafts. Set up a place, like the kitchen table, with arts and crafts supplies. Supplies could include: colored construction paper, markers, washable paints, glue, glitter, and assorted beads. Have the whole family sit down together and create their own masterpiece. There are many wonderful websites that offer great craft ideas.

*Hide and Seek. This obviously depends on how big your home is and how many safe places there are for everyone to hide. This can be even more fun if you turn off most of the lights and give everyone flashlights (to avoid someone falling or otherwise getting hurt). If you do not have the room to play hide and seek, then try having a scavenger hunt. Hide an object and have everyone search for it by providing clues in different spots through the home. Whoever finds the object, wins a prize. Then offer condolence prizes for everyone else. The object is not necessarily to win, but to have fun as a family.

*Talent Show. This can be really fun for the kids and allow them the opportunity to show off their talents. They can sing, dance, read their own poetry and show off pictures that they drew. They can even stage a fashion show with their dolls (girls), and/or a combat mission with action figures (boys). 

*Video/Computer Games. If your family owns a gaming console, then pick games that the whole family can get involved in and enjoy playing together. An alternative is to play games together on the computer. One computer game that can be fun and challenging are hidden object games. 

*Spa Day. This is for families that only have female kid(s). Start the spa day off with bubble baths, followed by manicures and pedicures. Then painting toenails and fingernails while having a gossip session or maybe watching “chick flicks”. You can fix each others hair and even dress up for dinner.   

*Boys Choice. This is for families that have have only male kid(s). Some boys like cars, so an activity could be watching shows about repairing and/or restoring cars. Some boys like sports so and activity could be talking about or watching their favorite sport(s). Some boys like combat/action games and movies so you can do those with them. 

Whether you play hide and seek, watch movies or stage a talent show, rainy days do not have to be bad days for the kids. There are so many activities that can keep kids amused during those stormy times.