How to Calm a Fussy Baby

Having a baby that will not settle down can be a complete nightmare. No matter how much you try and quiet them down it seems like they will never stop fussing.  It can really frustrate and upset any parent no matter how many children they already have. 

But there are some timeless tried and tested tips for quieting a fussy baby.


Many people do not realise the effect that bouncing has on a baby. It is incredibly soothing and relaxing for them, this is why so many babies go to sleep in their bouncy chairs. Hold them in your arms with them facing you and gently bounce your body up and down. Do this as you are walking around and it will sooth them.

At the same time you do this you could make a shhh sound. Some scientists believe that this sound reminds babies of being in the womb as this is the noise they can hear. So hearing this sound makes them feel secure.

Go for a drive.

I know this sounds like a drastic measure, but have you ever noticed how babies tend to fall asleep in the car. This is because the vibrations of the car are so constant and soothing that they have a sedative effect on a lot of babies. Go for a short drive in the car and your baby should quiet down.

Hold your baby in your arms with their feet towards you and their head in your hands. Rock them from side to side like this. Do it quite quickly and as smoothly as you can.

Another great way to rock them is to sit them in their car seat and gently rock it backwards and forwards.

An important thing to remember when trying to quiet a baby is not to get stressed. If you are stressed then this will be reflected in the way you react to the baby which will make them more stressed. Try to keep as calm as you possibly can.

Turn off the television and turn some soothing music on. The noise from the television can be very unpredictable, it can be quiet one minute and incredibly loud the next. Play some gentle, soothing music at a reasonable level.

It might sound strange to you but if you pull your washing machine out and place your baby in their car seat on top the vibrations will soothe them. This is a trick that has been used by mothers for years.