How to boost a teens happiness

Once children reach the teen years things start to change. With all the body changes it can be an overwhelming time. In addition, teens have more responsibilities and pressures that can bring about stress. With everything combined teenagers can be left feeling a little unhappy at times. Self-esteem and confidence can plummet during the teen years due to all of the emotional and physical changes that take place. Parents can greatly help in increasing self-esteem and boost happiness.

Here is a look at how to help teens feel good:

Be supportive

Your teen may be awkward at times, and this may be trying to you as a parent. You may not be overly pleased with your teen, the choices he makes or the way he dresses. However, this is a transitional period and a time of change. While you are still the parent and have some say over things, in the main your teen is responsible for his own affairs. A little guidance may be needed at times, but refrain from wading in and taking over. It is important that your teen gains independence and confidence. Always give support and be on his side, even if you don’t believe in his choices.

Positive vibes

It can be so easy to jump on your teen, and get angry at him. This comes naturally when he tries your patience. However, being positive doesn’t always come so easily, especially during difficult times. It is quintessential to be a positive force, and look for the good in your teen. Try to change your attitude and outlook and be positive, as this is a good way to raise your teen’s spirits. Find the good in your teen and emphasize on that. Be vocal and praise and acknowledge the positives as often as possible. Your words make all the difference to how your teen feels.

Feel good about yourself

Unknowingly your teen watches your every move, even though it doesn’t seem that way. In fact, you may believe your teen is completely disinterested in you. This is far from the truth, as your teen still looks to you for inspiration and guidance. The way in which you act and behave has a big impact on your teen. If you often make negative comments about the way you feel and about your own appearance, this sets a bad example. Ensure to be kind to yourself and love yourself, as this is a good way to encourage positive self-image in your teen.


Make exercise a part of everyday life, even if it is sneaked in. Walking where possible is a great way to encourage exercise, especially with children, as it doesn’t need to be labeled exercise. Look for fun activities that can be incorporated into family events, ones that are sure to pique the interest of your teen. You may need to look to the more adventurous activities like kayaking, skiing or mountain climbing. There are many places to take part in these types of sports. In addition, choose family holidays that inspire physical activity. Exercise is a surefire way to raise endorphins.

Make your teen feel important

Teens can often feel overlooked and ignored. It is of utmost important to instill confidence in your teen by making him feel important. This is achieved by actively listening to him at all times, showing an interest and making time for him. Make time each day to chat with your teen, even if it isn’t about anything of great importance. Stay connected. Always actively listen when your teen talks, even if it is just a rant. Give your teen extra responsibilities to harness his skills and improve his confidence. Knowing that you are giving him the responsibility to do something significant lets him feel important.

Teenagers need to feel important and involved, give your teen the opportunity to take on tasks and be part of the discussion making. Support your teen at all times, even if you are against his decisions and actions. Allow your teenager to be independent to instill confidence, yet give guidance and support. Be a positive person in yourself, and have good-self-image and confidence. Give praise and acknowledge the good in your teen. Finally, make exercise obligatory. Look into different sports to grab his interest, as exercise is good for confidence and gives off a good feeling.