How to become an Adoption Agent

An adoption agent can be viewed as the mediator between the child, the adoptive parents and in some cases the birth parents. The adoption agent must responsibly seek the best interest of the child in question while bearing in mind the policies of the adoption agency and the wishes of the birth parents if they are to be involved. The adoption agent is also responsible for screening the prospective parents to determine their suitability and must also provide them with the necessary information to help them to move along the process. There are a number of skills that come into play here and this is a demanding and often emotionally draining job. There are bound to be disappointments and the adoptive agent must be able to deal with situations as they arise.

Educational Requirements

To become an adoption agent some institutions will accept a bachelor’s degree in Social Work although most require a master’s qualification in the field as well. A bachelor’s degree may only get you in the door to train as an adoption agent while you become familiar with the operations of the adoption agency and the many facets involved. Experience working with specific social problems; such as child abuse, or the ability to speak a second language are both highly valued in the field as well because these skills broaden your scope considerably. Knowledge of or training in family law is also often highly valued in the field.

Necessary Skills

The adoption agent has to have a number of skills to be effective in this demanding position. Communication skills; such as excellent oral and written expression, is key because the adoption agent may have to make a case for a child or on behalf of an adoptive parent by giving legal testimony. The adoptive agent must be compassionate and sensitive to the issues facing all parties to be effective in reaching a solution. The agent may need to express the state of the child to prospective parents so they can understand how to treat with the situation facing them. The adoptive agent should also be perceptive because people may become desperate for a child and may want to hide aspects of their life that may negatively affect their chances of being accepted to become adoptive parents.

If you are interested in becoming an adoptive agent you should check with your particular State Department of Labor for specific requirements. Remember that this is a decision that has the potential to shape the rest of your life and becoming an adoption agent should be viewed as a career choice and not simply as a job.