How to become a Girl Scout Brownie Leader

Becoming a Brownie Girl Scout leader is a relatively simple process if you are starting a new troop or there is a current troop with an opening for a leader. 

Since Brownies is the second level of Girl Scouts, many of the troops have already formed and may not need leaders.  If your daughter is already in a troop with a leader and a co-leader then you will have to discuss with them the possibility of becoming a leader.  This is because there can be only two leaders and one of them would need to step down for someone else to take his or her place.

If your daughter is not in a troop and you would like her to be part of one then the first step is to contact either the Girl Scout troop coordinator for the school or the Girl Scout council that your school belongs to.  Once you have gotten in contact with someone from the council or the service unit that your school belongs to, they will let you know if it will be possible to start a troop.  Hopefully, they will have a list of girls from your child’s school or neighboring schools that want to join a troop, but just need a leader.

Once there is a troop full of girls you are ready to register as a troop leader.  To do this you will need to register with the Girl Scouts and you will also need to register as the leader.  To complete the process you will need to take certain training classes. 

Some training is available online in certain areas and some of it needs to be done in person.  The most important training to take first is leadership training.  This will give you most of the basic information that you will need to run a troop.  If you take the course online, then you will usually have to take a test at the end that shows that you have understood the material.

The next training class that you will need to take is Brownie leader training.  This will cover some basic leader information and also important information that only pertains to Brownies. 

After completing these two training classes, you are ready to start meeting with your troop as long as you have filled out all of the appropriate forms.  You should speak with other leaders in your service unit to get help.  You will also need to attend leader meetings which will often happen once a month.  It may require a bit of work, but becoming a Brownie leader is a very rewarding experience.