How to be an Interesting and Helpful Grandmother

So you want to know how to be an interesting and helpful grandmother?  Don’t you know that you already are all that?  You’ve been around the block for a long time.  You have gained your wisdom, know right from wrong, and you know how to live a good life.  You are definitely well seasoned.  You know what you want and what you don’t need in your life.

You have lived for more than half a life and still have many more years to grow, hopefully.  After all, we never know when our time is up.  We just hope that we can last forever.  Maybe live to one hundred would be nice.

And being a grandmother, you have a right to be able to spoil your grandchildren.  Smother them with love, and treats, sweets and other stuff.

You are a very interesting person and you should have no problem showing this to your grandchildren.  Try to be young at heart.  Kids love it when their grandparents are cool and hip.  Try using their language like awesome, cool beans, radical man, totally grody to the max, and many other fun words that are in with the kids nowadays.

Do silly things to make them laugh.  Kids love a silly grandmother.  But please don’t do any cartwheels.  We don’t want you to pull a hamstring or break any bones.  Even us thirty and forty year olds can’t do a cartwheel anymore.  Much less stand on our heads against the school building.  Don’t try it.  How about settle for jumping rope or jumping jacks.  Sometimes kids laugh when they see you do that. 

Take them to a cool movie they want to see.  Be up on all the latest toys and gadgets that they like.  Webkinz and Littlest Pet Shops are a big thing.  And of course there are the countless amount of video games.

Let them know how it was for you growing up.  Your grandchildren are going to love learning how life was for you when you were their age.  Those will be the stories that they pass down to their children.  It is so important for them to know all about you.  Let them know who you are.  Your beliefs, morals, things you like, things you dislike.  They need to know it all.

Play games with them, dress up, share things with them, (like chocolates and handmade cookies only a grandmother could bake with tender loving care).

But most of all show them that you love them and everything else will fall into place.  And above all, also help them learn all the things that you think they should know.  They need your influence and guideance.

Good luck being the interesting grandmother that you are.  You deserve those grandchildren.