How to be a Role Model for your Toddler

Children look to others for their behaviour. They learn how to behave by following others and it is very likely that they will look to a parent to be that role model and so this is a huge responsibility. Being a role model can really shape your child’s personality and so it’s important to remember this at all times and try to modify your behaviour so it is appropriate. Below are some tips on how to be a role model for your toddler.

Be positive

You may not realise it but a toddler is very clever and will soak up everything around them and so it’s really important that you start to modify your behaviour right from this early age and one way in which you should do so is in being positive. If you have a negative image of yourself or always find fault in situations then your little one will too and they can devalue things but if you are being positive and praise frequently it will have a far more beneficial effect.

Practice what you preach

If you tell your child to do something but then do not do it yourself then this can be confusing for them and lead them to not understand what is expected. If you request your child eats their vegetables then do not leave your own on the side of your plate. This will not encourage your child to do so as they will be more likely to copy your behaviour.

Follow through

You may make promises or threats and it is important that you follow through with them so always remember this before setting them. It is no good saying if they don’t put their toys away they will go to bed for the rest of the week or some other extreme punishment like that, it has to be realistic so that you can actually follow through with it. This will show your child that you are honest and truthful and help them to understand their boundaries and feel secure.

Encourage good behaviour

Show your child how important it is to be good. You could carry out a thoughtful task yourself such as baking a cake for a neighbour or giving a relative a lift to an appointment and talk to your child about this. Carrying out good behaviours and discussing them with your child will help them to be more generous and thoughtful towards others as well as seeing you as someone to be admired for positive reasons.

Be honest

We are not all perfect at times, we all make mistakes. Your child may notice and pick up on it and it is important that you are honest about it and explain how you made a mistake. Part of life is learning that accidents and mistakes happen and it is the admitting to them and taking responsibility for them that really matters. This is an important life lesson and they can learn this through you so anything negative that happens try to view in a more positive manner such as this.

Being a role model for your toddler is a very important responsibility to have as it can shape their lives. It is important that you remain aware of your behaviour, that you are as positive as you can be and that mistakes are acknowledged and dealt with in an adult manner.