How to be a fabulous grandparent

As there were procedures you had to follow during your years as a parent, there are certain steps you must take now that you are a grandparent. If you do this, you will do what is best for your grand-kids and feel good about yourself. You will learn simple guidelines to follow in order to be a fabulous grandparent.

It is essential to express your love to your grand-kids. One way you can do this is to directly tell them. Another is to hug and kiss them while giving them warm smiles. By expressing your love, you will make them happy and strengthen the relationship you have with them.

You need to spend a sufficient amount of time with them. You should visit them or let them visit you for about a week or two at least once a year. During your time together, you should do useful things such as doing recreational activities each of you enjoy, visiting special places and playing board games or card games.

In order to avoid spoiling them, you should only give them a small amount of pocket money and you should limit gifts to their birthdays and Christmas time. Small occasional gifts are okay if the parent is happy with this, but again are not necessary. Your love and care is the best gift you can give.

It is helpful to discuss your offspring’s upbringing. By discussing some of the things they did, you will have good material to tell good stories with. This allows for a good connection and gives them an insight on to how things were when there parents were younger.

Be a teacher to your grand-kids. If you can, help them with their homework. It is necessary to teach them right from wrong in addition to teaching them how to do certain tasks and play sports. You also need to pass on to them tips they can use to protect their safety such as refusing rides from strangers, looking both ways before crossing the street, covering a public restroom toilet seat with toilet tissue before sitting on it and not leaving their food or drinks unattended when they are away from home.

The way you talk to them at any given time should depend on the situation. If they are behaving, praise them. If they are being naughty, scold them. If they need to make improvement at something they are doing, give them constructive criticism. You also need to be fair. Once you tell them no, stick to your decision.

Help them make friends. A good way to do this is to train them to avoid being shy and to be nice to all other kids. You should also let them play with kids who live in the neighborhood when they visit you.

Instill compassion into them. Teach them to talk to and become friends with kids who have nobody to play with. You should also encourage them to donate some of their time and money to charity and to help those who are less fortunate than them.

You have learned simple guidelines for grand-parenting. Follow them to be an awesome grandparent.