How to avoid your kids from getting stressed at Christmas

Believe it or not, children can become stressed out at Christmas. Even though the festive season is about fun and laughter, it can still bring about stress for the children. There are many reasons for this, along with the usual stresses of daily life Christmas can add to that. The reason being is that there is so much more going on so children can get overloaded. This can wear children down, and with all the hype children are expected to cram more into their day. Having so much to do and many comings and goings children can start to feel over-stretched.

How can you deal with stressed out children at Christmas:

Keep a lid on it

Remember the Christmas holidays are about fun, but yet they can be rather demanding. Children can only cope with so much, so don’t over schedule and allow for some downtime. If your children start to become agitated conclude is happening. Over stretching the children and expecting too much of them can cause stress. Don’t over schedule, only plan what is achievable. You really don’t want stressed out kids that are cranky and difficult. Actively try to prevent the children from becoming stressed out.

Get the kids involved

By trying to create that perfect Christmas you can be running yourself ragged. This does nothing for you or your children, as no time is shared and you are apt to feel exhausted. Children love to feel involved and helpful, and joining in to help create a magical Christmas really brings the enchantment to the holidays. There’s plenty that the children can do from helping bake and prepare tasty treats, make and put up decorations as well as write cards and wrap presents. This takes some of the strain off of you while bring great happiness to your children.

Control your stress

The festivities are also a strain on adults, as there are many preparations and much to do. Many parents go way overboard and try too hard. This can cause the adults to become stressed, which actually impacts how the children are feeling. There is no need to go above and beyond and overdo it. Rein it in and remember what the holidays are about. A few gifts under the tree, time together, good food and a few fun Christmas family traditions. Any little mishaps all make the memories better and are part and parcel of the festivities.

Take away the stress

You know your children best, so when stress arises get to the root cause of it. If your children don’t want to take part in certain events, or are tired or agitated for one reason or another get to the bottom of it. It may take a little time to figure out the problem, as your child may not even be fully aware of the reason. Work it out together and find a solution to eradicate the problem and the stress it is causing. Your child may feel a little overwhelmed and overloaded, so divert the activity and find something that is calming.

Peaceful activities

Christmas doesn’t need to be all about big parties and elaborate celebrations. In between all that is going on take a little time out. Both you the parents and the kids should make it a ritual to have some calming and quiet time together for relaxing and kicking back. Have a stroll, play in the snow or enjoy a festive movie together. This is a great time for bonding and sharing special moments together. These are the true memories that children remember. All those little unprepared activities that are simple can bring great pleasure and shared togetherness.


Try to keep some of the routine familiar to your child. If everything is turned upside down it can cause panic to your child. Children thrive on routines and become accustomed to them. If you suddenly go changing everything up it can cause stress. While there will be many different events taking place, try to keep some familiarity in your child’s day.

Christmas is what you make of it. If you lower your expectations and get the children involved Christmas can actually be more fun than imagined. If you ease up and let things go with the flow you can relax and enjoy yourself more, which will allow your children to feel more at ease. The holidays are a time for relaxing as well as having fun. Remember though, children need some routine and structure, as well as some down time.