How Significant is the Fathers Role in a Daughters Development

The father’s role in a child’s development is very important. For his daughter, he represents the solid foundation of love without sex, which so many young girls are missing in this day and age.

At infancy, the father should be attending to his daughter’s needs in feeding, changing, cleaning, and creating a warm, comfortable place for rest. What safer place to sleep than in her fathers arms. She has a bond with her mother from being in her womb for nine months, but the bond with her father is cultivated by continued interaction, a soft yet masculine voice, and touch.

When a toddler, the father’s role evolves to strong support, full of encouragement when learning to walk, talk, eat and learn as she explores a very large and dangerous world where dad is there to guide and protect her as she goes along. He needs to be there to catch her as she stumbles and help her pronounce and understand new words. He should hug her and wipe away the tears when she gets a BooBoo. Be the vision of safety and security in her young mind.

As she moves from Pampers to school he will need to be her supporter and encourager. At a very young age, girls need someone to listen to them. They will also be able to discern whether the listener is sincere or not, so an engaged listener is very important to them. This is how they interpret just how much you love them. Nurturing their talents at a young age sets the foundation for unfettered communication later on in life. If the father shows undivided attention and true understanding in the beginning, he earns her trust for the deeper things to come.

While progressing through school, having an attentive and understanding ear becomes vitally important. The father needs to be engaged in what she is doing, her aspirations and needs, and supply support and guidance as she navigates the path towards adulthood. Many things will be trying to influence this path, peer pressure being a strong rudder in the mist of it all. The father she will come to and respect, with his world of knowledge in her time of need will be the one who did the leg work in the beginning. Always remember they can see right through insincerity. The father may have to learn about some things that he knows nothing about, but are some of her interests. She will see his effort and appreciate him for it.

Teen years are tough for a girl. They mature much faster than boys. Things move along quickly as they become teenagers. Bodily functions change and hormones become much different. Some times they will be normal and sometimes alien. The loving father rejoices in the normal times and weathers the alien times with love and understanding. They will have lots of questions about life and knowledgeable answers will help to lead them on the right path, keeping in mind the overpowering nature of peer pressure. Yes it means a lot to a girl to be dressed and act like the group they want to fit in with. Father’s role at this point will be to understand by being engaged and supportive, and lead in the right direction. Once again the ground work being done earlier in life so the trust needed for her to come for opinions will all ready be there. In the middle of turmoil is not the time to start building trust.

As later teen years and early adulthood comes, the father should be that loving, solid, trusted person they have known, loved and trusted through the years. There is no substitute for dads strong shoulder to lean on and a gentle hand to wipe away the tears of the emotional BooBoos encountered during these years. The father’s role in a child’s development is significant in his daughter’s development and life. The rewards of the father-daughter relationship are great.