How parents can make free time

Most well-meaning parents make it a habit to put their children’s needs first before thinking of their own. Many believe that for raising great kids, it would be necessary for them to minimize the time spent on themselves.

However, research indicates that as much as you love your children, to be a truly productive and effective parent, you definitely need to take better care and time for yourself. By avoiding this, your ability to parent well could be considerably diminished and create the possibility of having serious repercussions in the family.

Planning is the key to effective time-management. A parent’s reserve of patience, understanding, tolerance and humor could get easily depleted with constant stress and pressure of focused parenting. This eventually could take a heavy toll on your health and well-being depriving you totally of your ability to be a good parent. But how can you do the balancing act as well as do full justice to yourself and your children simultaneously?

Parents, here are some effective ways you can find time for yourself:

Be a good role model

You can be a good role model to your children by planning your daily activities and prioritizing your daily work schedule to enable you to find time for yourself. Remember, your kids are ever watchful of what you do. When children see you valuing your time and using it wisely, they will do likewise and find time for themselves to do whatever is of interest to them.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Your taking time to adopt a healthy lifestyle as a way of life, could work wonders for you and your child. Your children need to see you following healthy habits like eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, getting sufficient sleep and most importantly, finding time for yourself and having fun.

Have fun

Fun is what can revitalize your spirit and take you off your monotonous daily routine. Make it a point to find time to have fun while balancing parenting responsibilities with your work, family obligations and household chores. Choose activities that spark your interest such as meeting friends, going to movies, dancing, swimming, biking or hiking-anything that could make you happy.

Assign chores

It is important for parents to assign chores to their children. Doing chores, teaches your kids responsibility and the concept of respecting every individuals rights and duties. By habitually sharing the load of housework, you could find more free time for yourself to socialize.

Combine activities

You could combine activities like baby-sitting and socializing. Meeting up with other parents with the same interests could be a great way for you to have a special time to yourself. Sharing experiences and insights of mutual interest or even a heart-to-heart chat with a friend could renew your spirits and make you feel so much better. Your children too could derive benefits by making friends and playing with other parent’s children.

Avoid overlooking the obvious

In your quest for perfect parenting, avoid overlooking the needs of your spouse. Understandably, your children need all your help in their developmental years; but you owe it to yourself and your spouse to spend some recreational time together. Finding time would be easy if you plan ahead. You could arrange for your kids to spend the weekend with your family or a close friend. This could give them an opportunity to learn to be independent and not take you and your parenting obligations for-granted.

Spend time exclusively with your partner

Spending a few hours exclusively together with your partner, could spice up your relationship. You could do anything simple of mutual interest, like taking a walk on the beach or enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner at an exclusive restaurant. Find time to focus on your inner needs; doing so could refresh and rekindle your spirits. You will come out to be a better partner in marriage and a better parent to your children.

It is important for children to understand, respect and give precedence to their parent’s needs and feelings as well. Love your kids and spend time with them as much as you can. But do not neglect spending time on yourself. Neglecting yourself is most certainly not an option.

By learning to find time for yourself and changing your attitude and perspective, you can most certainly be a better and more effective parent.