How parents can help deal with children who squabble with their siblings

Parents can learn how to successfully discipline their children. There are parents who teach their children how to behave without applying any physical punishment. It is normal for siblings to squabble. For example, little John has a new toy phone. John’s younger brother sees the phone and they begin to squabble. When children do not get the things they want, they will misbehave. Parents can become proactive by taking a few simple steps. Pay attention to your children all the time. Be a mediator for your children. Also, encourage your children regularly.

First, pay attention to your children. Children need constant attention just like some adults. Being a parent is not easy, and raising a child is a 24-hour job. A child might feel unloved or lonely. This is why a child may strike something, or hit a sibling to get what they want. Let your child know that squabbling or fighting will not get your attention. Allow your children to work out minor problems by themselves. Show your appreciation when your children do kind things or excellent work. Parents can also read the book, “What About Me?12 Ways to Get Your Parents Attention (Without Hitting Your Sister),” by Eileen Kennedy-Moore.

If the siblings have a problem that they cannot solve by themselves, the parents should become their mediator. A good mediator will listen to both sides of the story. The mediator should also listen without cutting short each sibling’s side of the story. Evaluate both statements from the siblings. Ask the siblings what would make both of them happy. This will help them work out a fair solution to their problem. Ask each sibling what they want. As a mediator, show that you love both siblings, and that you are not favoring one side of the story. The University of Michigan Health System lists some of the causes of sibling rivalry and what parents can do to help their children.

Parents must encourage their children regularly. In order for parents to be pro-active when siblings squabble, parents must spend time with them. Use this time wisely. Tell your children what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Always speak to them kindly and try to avoid shouting or yelling at them. Set ground rules for your siblings. Reward your children when they are well-behaved and are following family rules. Encourage a win-win situation between siblings so that they both will feel better about the outcome. has some very good advice about dealing with sibling squabbles.

Finally, parents can find many ways to discipline their children. However, some of the best child discipline strategies may include paying attention to your children, being a mediator, and encouraging them. The ultimate goal should be for parents to help develop kids who will become productive citizens in our society. They should obtain a basic education, job skills, life skills, high moral standards, and respect for civil authorities. If you teach your children these values, they will grow up and never forget you and always love you.