How Parents Affect their Teens self Esteem

Parents have much more control over their teenager’s self-esteem than they could ever possibly imagine. A teenager learns what they constantly see, hear, and live. Parents are the role models, the shining examples of how to live a significant life. Parents should make certain not to push their children to succeed, rather to merely guide them towards better options. Parents should also instill compassion as a character trait in their children, so that they can have the confidence and self-esteem to stand up for what is right.

A teen’s self esteem can be greatly damaged by parents through thoughtless actions and comments, however subtle or unintentional. Teenagers are desperately striving to fit in, and it often takes them a long time to figure out their niche in the crowd. When a teen is going through different phases, whether or not in their appearance or attitude, parents must be willing to go with the flow. A teen that is belittled will recoil in horror, and their self-esteem will have been compromised. Parents can help children develop healthy self esteem through the power of positive thinking, and through positive and encouraging words.

The music industry has a massive influence on teens, and parents must be willing to allow their children to listen to whatever music they desire. To mock the music of today might seem right in the mind of the parent, but if the child somehow relates to the music, there is no harm in that. Music changes all the time, and some bands are mere fads. The same notion applies to clothing fashions, television, and movies.

Parents should actively engage their children in lively discussions to find out what they are thinking and feeling, and to try and gauge whether or not they are at risk for having an affected self-esteem, be at risk for depression, or are becoming addicted to something unhealthy. The media affects our view of beauty, and teens need to know that they are perfect just as they are. Parents should also try and open their home up so that their children will want to bring friends home. You do not have to be a friend to your teenager, but you should always be full of respect. A teen needs to feel as though they are loved, and treated with dignity.

The mother and father relationship has a great affect on the self-esteem of a teenager. If the teen sees their parents as being in love, and showing courtesy, respect, and compassion to one another, the child will feel as though they are being brought up in a loving and trustworthy environment. This is beneficial to their developing self-esteem.

If one parent is absent often, either through work or divorce, this can greatly impact the self-esteem of a child. A father that is absent leads to children that are unsure of how a man should act, which affects sons and daughters alike. A young boy needs to know how to be responsible and loving, and a young girl needs to know what a man should be like so as to avoid bad relationships in the future.

Parents are the first teachers that children have, and therefore they should always be accommodating, loving, respectful, and nurturing. The self-esteem of a child is ever-evolving, and begins from infancy and continues to grow and flourish throughout their life, but the teen years are the most difficult. This is why parents need to be certain that they are not having negative affects on their children’s self-esteem.