How new Mothers can Meet other Moms

Connecting with other mothers brings many different benefits. You can socialize, secure friends for your little one and share information. It can be very difficult for mothers to reach out and meet people, however. Consider the following five methods for connecting with other moms:

Moms club

A moms club is a fun, convenient and generally inexpensive way to meet other moms. There are many local ones in different areas, including chapters of national groups like Moms Club International. Typically, these groups charge nominal dues and then offer events like playdates, trips to attractions and holiday parties. 

Mommy and me class

Schools and communities offer Mommy and Me classes for parents and their newborns. These may focus on something specific like music or just be general. You can look for a class like infant massage.

Connecting at children’s events

You may bring your little ones to a variety of different places. These may include children’s museums, gymnastic classes, kids’ sporting events and more. Don’t be afraid to become friendly with the other mothers there. If you find someone with whom you would like to become friends, then ask about exchanging numbers. Ask if they would be interested in meeting for a playdate. You might make some special friends for both you and your child.


Look online to connect with other mothers. You will find numerous bulletin boards aimed at mothers. Large websites such as Babycenter offer a wide variety of bulletin boards that focus on specific areas. You might look at a board with mothers who have babies who are at the same stage as yours. Alternatively, you can look for a bulletin board about a specific issue such as potty training. Some are based on local areas, too, and you might meet mothers you can actually meet in person (although make sure you take precautions before meeting someone from the Internet).

Lactation support group

A lactation support group offers new mothers help with breastfeeding, a common area of concern. It often provides far more than that, however. New mothers can connect with others. They can support each other on all sorts of issues. You can form friendships that can last years as your babies grow. Le Leche League is a very popular support group. Local chapters appear all over the country. There are also other local support groups, which often appear at hospitals.

Connecting with other moms can provide information, get you out of the house and give both you and your child new friends. Look for the different opportunities available in your area.