How Negatvie Criticism can have Damaging Effects on Children

Constant negative criticism is a form of verbal abuse and can cause many issues in a child.  Parents play the critical role in the development of their children and a child who grows up with negativity will have serious self-esteem issues as well as possible behavior problems.  The damage from negative criticism can be life changing and harm the child’s ability to live a happy and productive life.

Young children thrive on the attention given to them by the adults in their life and any negative attention will impact their well-being. This kind of attitude will be detrimental to the child’s growth and development.  Both words and actions play a part in the healthy development of a child.  A consistent and destructive environment will most definitely cause great harm to a child.

~ Negative words can be devastating to a child

A child who repeatedly hears they are “bad” will begin to feel worthless.  They will begin to have doubts about being loved and valued.  They will grow up feeling as if they are never good enough and will not do well in school.  Children will absorb every negative comment and will not put out the effort needed to succeed.  If told they are lazy, a child will quit trying to please.  They will soon believe they cannot do anything right and their self-esteem will suffer.

If a parent compares their child to a sibling or another child, they will constantly have feelings of jealousy and self-doubt.  If the child tends to be overweight and the parent compares them to other children, their self-image will suffer as well. 

~ Negative actions can damage a child for life

When a child is not shown love or tenderness, they will be scarred for life.  They are too young to understand why they cannot do anything right but they do know that they are a disappointment.  They feel neglected and look for positive attention elsewhere.  This can lead to the child being an easy target for other types of abuse.  When children are treated in a negative way, they often seek out anyone who will show them attention. 

If a child is treated with such disrespect and disregard, they will develop many unhealthy personality issues.  They will not treat others well and will have few friends.  They will be lonely and distant from others and will not do well in school.  Negative criticism can have a terrible lasting effect on a child and they may never have a chance to be a happy, productive adult.

Children who grow up with negative criticism can have serious psychological problems.  It could take intense therapy for them to understand the problems they developed because of this treatment.  Without treatment, the fear is that this behavior will be passed on to their children. 

~ Hope

The hope is that there will be a relative or teacher who will see the good in them and reach out to help.  A child cannot grow and thrive without proper guidance and positive attention.  Raising children is the most difficult job any parent will undertake and there are many resources available if the struggles are overwhelming. 

No child deserves to be raised with negative criticism.  The effects can be life damaging and can create a cycle of abuse.  It only takes one kind word to put a smile on a child’s face and there is no greater reward than to raise a happy child.