How Motion Sickness Bands can help with Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

Acupuncture has recently experienced a surged in popularity among pregnant women as a safe and effective method to alleviate morning sickness. Using time honored techniques women have been able to find respite from what can be a very debilitating part of pregnancy. However due to a dislike of needles and a relatively high price tag, many moms-to-be still suffer.

What a lot of people don’t know is that there is an affordable and equally effective method available in most drug stores. Plus it is needle free and self administered.

Generally used by seafarers to calm stomachs over choppy waters, motion sickness bands are also able to bring relief to those suffering from morning sickness. Using the principles of acupuncture and applying pressure to the P6 or Nei-Kuan point these bands can ease the discomfort felt by many pregnant women.

The band itself may differ in appearance depending on the brand purchased, but the results will be the same. Essentially, it is a tight band made from rubber or elastic. There is a small disc attached which applies pressure to the Nei-Kuan point. The only requirements are that the band be tight enough to adequately apply pressure to the P6 point which it is situated over.

Finding the correct position is the key to the success of the sickness band. Full instructions, with diagrams are generally included at point of purchase.

However for those interested in making one at home, locate the point by placing three fingers across the base of your palm. From here you will be able to feel two tendons, in the middle of them you will feel a small bump that you can push around. This is the Nei-Kuan.

Asking how these bands actually work is like asking how acupuncture experiences its success. Medical science is unable to offer a definitive answer. Some explanations include the pressure releasing feel good hormones (endorphins) while others say it just blocks messages to the brain. What can’t be denied is its success.

While there are no guarantees as such, advertisers claim that these bands can relieve most mild to moderate symptoms as well as lessening the effects in more serve cases.

Motion sickness bands are ideal for pregnant women as they provide a drug free alternative and are not harmful to the developing child. Given the high rates of morning sickness and the debilitating effect it can have on both mother and child, these bands are almost life-saving.