How Making your Baby Feel Secure Encourages Good Sleep Habits

How can you get your baby sleep well? This is a subject just about every new parent struggles with. Some will say “let them cry, they’ll go to sleep”. Some will tell you to rock your baby all night long. How can you find the best solution giving your baby (and you!) enough sleep?

I’ve seen so many different styles from different parents to reach their own working solution that I’m not going to assure you that I could tell you the best way to keep your baby happy and secure.

In Scandinavian countries many babies sleep outside in their bassinets even in the colder weather. Those babies are bundled up and covered from the wind and seem to adjust amazingly well. I’ve heard many parents saying that their babies would not sleep inside as well as they do outside. Maybe it is the fresh air, maybe it is the snug feel covered with blankets, all I know that it is working for them and those babies grow usually healthy and happy.

I’m not telling you to kick your kid in the porch to sleep, I know it is not possible or even safe for many these days. I’m just saying it is done. Your newborn might feel lost and scared in the big crib when she first comes home. I’d buy a smaller bassinet, I found the one with wheels very handy while working in the house. There is also vibrators as an option but we never had any luck with them to get our babies to sleep better.

Before nap time make sure your babies diaper is dry and dress her warm. Wrap her up on a blanket to feel secure. With little babies stuffed animals or pillows are not recommended but you can roll a baby blanket each side of her to keep her snug. Some swear for the “mommy’s shirt trick” to leave a safe scent next to the baby.

Try to keep the sleep times regular. Sometimes this is not possible and then babies will sleep more at times and teething, colic, or even stuffy nose can keep them more awake. Stay calm and get a habit of singing the same lullaby each time. If you don’t want to sing using music helps. Anything soft and slow will set the mood for a good nap!

Remember that even tiny babies can sense and hear if there is fighting or tension in the family so try keep the environment as happy as can for both of you. Think positive and if you are too tired yourself don’t be afraid to ask help, sometimes we all need some help!