How Long until Labor Starts when 2 Cm Dilated

Anyone who has ever been pregnant will tell you no two pregnancies are the same. From conception to delivery and post delivery, there are no two that are identical. There are some things, however, all pregnant women will experience on the road from labor to birth.  The dilation of their cervix is one of them. As such, many women want to know how long till labor when 2cm dilated.

When the cervix begins to dilate the final stages of the pregnancy begin. Additionally, when the cervix begins to dilate it also means that labor has begun. Yes, you read that correctly. As soon as your cervix starts to dilate, you are officially in labor. So the answer to the question of how long till labor begins when 2cm dilated is that your labor has already started; albeit the early stages of labor.

In many cases, the early stages of labor are only indicated by the cervix dilating. This is because many times the painful contractions so often associated with active hard labor don’t present during these early stages. Thus, if it weren’t for an internal examination by their doctor who can physically tell if the cervix has started to dilate, many women wouldn’t even realize they were in labor. This isn’t to say that a woman won’t feel any contractions during the early stages of their labor because some do. However, all contractions at this stage of labor may not be an indication that true labor has begun.

Some women experience what are known as Braxton Hicks contractions. Simply put, these realistic-feeling, though false, contractions are simply your body (more specifically, your abdomen muscles) going into practice mode as they prepare for the imminent delivery of your baby. The only real way to tell the difference between these false contractions and the real McCoy is with an internal exam which will reveal whether or not the cervix has truly started to dilate. If it has, then your labor has begun.

Although not widely known, it isn’t all that uncommon for a woman who has reached the final weeks of her pregnancy to start dilating and continue to dilate long before hard active labor begins. Active labor is indicated by the onset of painful contractions that come quickly and steadily. This stage of labor begins once your cervix has fully effaced and you are fully dilated. So the answer to the question of how long till labor begins when 2cm dilated is…your labor has already begun. How long will your labor last? That can only be answered after you have delivered you precious bundle of joy.