How grandparents enrich the lives of grandchildren

Most grandparents love their grandchildren unconditionally, shower them with attention and affection, comfort and help them when and where needed. They are often able to provide both emotional and financial support to their grandchidren. Their presence can be a stabilizing and reassuring influence.

In recent decades, society has mobilized and grandparents living in close proximity to young families is not always the norm. However, with the economic stability of our nation currently faltering, there has been an increased return to the old tradition of grandparents playing a pivotal role in the lives of their grandchildren. Most grandparents either live nearby, or are a phone call and an airline ticket away.

Grandparents manifest their value in the following ways:

Moral support

Grandparents can extend moral support to their grown children during the difficult years of raising offspring. Parenting is a daunting task. It can be reassuring to a couple to know that their parents have been there and done that and came out on the other side unscathed.

Financial support

Grandparents might also make a financial contribution to the well-being of the family. Expenses tend to decrease for the grandparents at the same time as they are escalating for the young family. Grandparents are often willing to give loans, or outright gifts, for some of the growing family’s necessities. Even if grandparents are on a limited income, they might contribute with babysitting services. This can be invaluable for dual income families, or single parent households.

Grandchildren’s advocate

Grandparents can advocate on behalf of their grandchildren, often picking up the slack for beleaguered parents, attending extra-curricular activities and providing one-on-one quality time. Grandparents contribute to the self-esteem of their grandchildren by showering them with affection and attention.

Sharing experience

Families can benefit from the experience of the grandparents. Reassurance during difficult financial and emotional times makes grandparents indispensable. They are always at the ready to offer whatever help they can to alleviate a problem and their wisdom, stemming from experience, can provide knowledge and sound advice.

Spiritual guidance

Grandparents provide the spiritual cornerstone of the family unit. They uphold and pass down the values, beliefs and religious traditions that instill character and bond the family members with one another.

Family historians 

Grandparents are the family historians, sharing the past with their offspring and grandchildren with entertaining and informative stories, pictures and occasions for extended family reunions. Grandparents are the bridge that connects the current family with past generations.

Children are enriched by having a strong relationship with their grandparents. One of the greatest gifts parents can provide for their children is to encourage a close bond between the older and younger generations.

Unconditional love is a premium commodity, difficult to come by in this day and age. It is possessed in abundance by loving grandparents, who are only too willing to share their never-ending supply.

A favorite quote that epitomize the value of grandparents:  “Grandparents are similar to string – handy to have around and easily wrapped around the fingers of small children.”

Grandparents contribute an additonal dimension of love and support to their grandchildren’s lives in many enriching ways.