How grandparents can stay in touch with their granchildren

Grandparents have more ways than ever to stay in contact with their grandchildren. With the click of a mouse, texting or Skyping via the Internet the sky’s the limit. Technology will only advance.

Grandchildren live in a time of great wonder yet that same wonder can be overwhelming and frightening for grandparents. There are numerous ways to address this technology; one only has to have the desire to learn.

Invest in a computer

Computers are more and more senior friendly. The possibilities are endless as to what a computer can offer. E-mail, E-cards, photo storage, connecting to others via the various Social Media sites available, it’s an open highway and it all starts with a computer, mouse and an Internet connection. With numerous improvements made, computers are also available with touchscreen thereby making it even easier for seniors.

There are those who are not computer literate. That’s no longer a big issue. Local libraries, senior centers and community colleges offer classes of varying degrees. Some grandparents only want to learn the basics, while others find it both new and enlightening. It’s not just for solitaire or bingo anymore.

Tablets or iPads

Tablets have come a long way since first introduced. They are sleeker in design and their functions mimic that of a desktop computer thereby making it easily portable. The iPad offers the same as a tablet yet it has more bells and whistles.

Electronic readers make it simpler to read several books all with the click of a mouse or stylus. Depending on the type of E-reader tablet purchased, most books procured can be shared with others as long as the capabilities available on both tablets. Send your grandchild a classic in literature and a spark may grow in future reading. Sharing a passion for the written word albeit with an electronic device can create a bond that can only grow as they mature.

An iPad offers this same function, however it’s more like a miniature computer. Again, the portability factor, sleek design and improved graphics make this a win-win hands down. Grandchildren love photos. The cameras nowadays hold up just as well to point and shoot cameras. Capture those moments.

Being involved in their extracurricular activities will allow photos and videos to be uploaded and they will know their grandparents were there. Seems minor but it’s truly major.

Mobile phones or smartphones

Being able to pick up the phone and call your grandchildren anywhere they may be is priceless. They hear your voice and automatically feel super special. In return, they have that same option. More and more phones are senior friendly. In other words, screens are larger; fonts are larger (and can be made larger if necessary.) Depending on one’s dexterity, most phones are equipped with the option to speak text vs. typing text. The possibilities are endless.

Tried and true

There’s always the old standby tried and true method of sending birthday cards, letters, photos and the occasional “check” via snail mail. It’s still a functioning part of society. Even the United States post office is forcing change that seniors can’t fight.

The Internet is an open highway. It’s 24/7, 365 days a year. To miss out on an important holiday, birthday, ball game, recital, graduation or even the birth of another grandchild would be the saddest of occasions.

Grandchildren need to know they are special. It only takes time and effort to make that so. Bite the bullet, take a leap of faith and jump on the bandwagon. It’s critical that contact, bonding and a sense of family always remain intact.