How Grandparents can Ensure the well being of Grandchildren

As a grandmother, I’d like to be able to reassure myself, if no one else, that I have the power and ability to ensure the well being of my grandchildren. Still, I’ve learned from experience that we don’t have the ability to ensure the well being of anyone or anything, but our own. In life, there are no guarantees, but when it comes to the responsibility of ensuring the well being of my grandchildren, that responsibility can only belong to their parents. Even so, I know that I ensured the well being of my grandchildren long ago, by the way I raised my son.

Because I raised him well, he found a wife that would become a wonderful mother to my grandchildren. Good breeding breeds good people, I believe. I could ask for no better parents for my grandchildren than the ones they have, so in light of this fact, I help them to ensure the well being of their children, by having faith in their ability to parent them.
I realize, at the same time, that I have no power to change the past, and since I don’t dwell on the mistakes I made, why would I dwell on any mistake they make today? I know that, like me, they do the best they can with what they have.

Children, and even grandchildren, can survive any mistake we make, if they know they are loved, and that we have what’s best for them in mind at all times. Because I love them and want what’s best for them, I help their parents ensure their well being, lovingly. Since no one could possibly love them more than their parents and I already do, this means my grandchildren will always have enough love. That’s why I feel assured that their well being can be ensured.

I can be the confidant for both my grandchildren and their parents, which puts me in the position of the well being of all. In my mind, that’s what a grandmother does. She is the matriarch of the family and wisdom can speak through her ability to be discreet. In other words, I know when to speak and when to silently listen to their needs. When advice is only given from me by request, I help to ensure the well being of the entire family.

I don’t fall into the trap of family gossip. I listen, discreetly, but I don’t repeat. I try not to say negative things, and especially to my grandchildren who are always listening. Children learn from what they see, so I try to be seen as respectful and as wisely discreet as I can be.

Another way I help to ensure the well being of my grandchildren, is to visit them as often as I can. Every child needs a grandma who is always on their side, even though they also always follow the rules. Sometimes a child just needs to be heard, and when their feelings have validity, their well being is ensured.

No one can raise a child’s self esteem better than a grandmother’s praise, so I praise everything they try to do. I can’t tell you how many drawings are on my refrigerator, but each drawing is valued by me, and the result seems to be that my grandchildren feel valued too. They know and can plainly see that I treasure them and everything they do.
In a way, maybe I’m ensuring the well being of the parents they will someday be, by helping them to see what I see in them. What better way to find a mate who will be perfect for you, than to see who you are through your grandmother’s eyes. Wouldn’t that be a wise thing to do?

If my grandchildren knew what I know today, maybe they would never make the mistakes I made. That’s why I try to remember the stories of my life and I ensure their well being by writing them in documented print. Someday, maybe they will get a kick at finding out what grandma was really all about. Grandmothers show their grandchildren how freeing it is to tell the truth about yourself.

We need to share our family history, including all those medical issues too. They say, “If we don’t learn about our history, we will be doomed to repeat it.” Since I’d never want that to happen to my grandchildren, I’ll tell them all my stories, and even the lessons I learned the hard way. In that way, swallowing your pride and releasing the bitterness of the past can be a good way to ensure your grandchild’s well being and even future children to come. Bitterness can fester after a while and affect everyone.

Still, as I mentioned, there are no guarantees, but maybe we, as grandparents, have more responsibility than we think. Maybe I do have the ability to help them create a great destiny, just by being the grandmother I try to be, one who cares about her grandchild’s well being.